Saturday, January 03, 2009

things, horrible things

Day 128 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well we are proceeding nicely into the new year and I have my writing, reading and arithmetic goals all set out for this year.

Of course, the writing one doesn’t take effect until Jan 5th when I go back to work and routine - until then it’s game time.

So, got back yesterday from Ottawa (the capital of Canada if you must know) from visiting relatives (the sane ones - yes there are a couple, like 2 - this goes for both sides of the family) and I happened to go out to a great board game store nearby.

Which had me buying “Arkham Horror” and one of the 5 expansion packs “Curse of the Dark Pharaoh”.

I just love these huge Fantasy Flight board games and it was only incredible restraint that I managed not to blow our entire 2009 budge to hell by purchasing everything they had for the Arkham game.

So, yesterday my daughter and I (my wife was sick) thought we would play a game. And, though she is only 9, we had a blast and she had little difficulty understanding the game's complexities. Yig was the elder god we had to fight and I sucked in the pre-game by being delayed not once, not twice but three damn times.

Once my character, Harvey, got his eldritch butt in gear, it was far too late. Ashcan and Harvey had to do battle with Yig - and it started out as a pretty sight, until round three when it turned ugly as a run over pug's behind.

Though Harvey was never in danger of losing his mind, his frail constitution was his downfall as Yig caught, then consumed the old codger, even as Harvey was casting “wither” for a final time.

Ashcan had collected a .45 and a .38 and was attempting to Lara Croft Yig’s scaly ass, but to little effect, and in the end lost all his marbles.

Yig, triumphant, had overrun Arkham and quickly go down to the business of setting up his little empire on the ashes and bodies of all those stupid enough to oppose him.

We whittled him down some, but got squashed in the end game.

Still, very, very fun game.

And he is the wimpiest of the elder gods - heaven help us if our next game pits us against Cthulhu himself. Yikes!

Well, gotta go set the board up for another round - oh, then maybe eat breakfast and stuff. But hey, when Arkham is in trouble those pesky real life day to day activities can just wait.

Until tomorrow . . .

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