Saturday, January 31, 2009

the swelling

Day 156 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


What I have is large and getting even larger.

If it were a cancer, I may be getting concerned - or even a spare tire, or receding hairline . . .

No, what I speak of is my paperback & hardback novel collection.

In effect it is a small library of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Mostly horror, in the fact that it is getting huge and almost, though not quite yet, out of control - it is about double what our local library has for selection.

I actually love it and when I finish a novel I head down to my library of unread novels and choose another. The small things in life, or in this instance, the large things in life.

So yes, I am an incurable Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror novel collector. Admit it, teeth and hair would be worse. Books, well okay, almost as bad but better hygienically.

Yesterday my wife and I went to a bigger city than the one we live in and I scored a haul of books, some I’ve been looking for what seems like years.

I got the entire early (all four) of Andre Norton’s “Solar Queen” novels, the first Jack Vance Lyonesse novel (I’ve had the last two for years) and the first Babylon 5 Technomage’s novel (hard to find and I have the last 2 already).

See - Major Score! Three sets of series completed in one fell swoop . . .

Okay, maybe this only excites me because I collect novels.

My addiction is actually not all that bad.

I only have around 2,000. Of the 2,000 I have about 800 that I have yet to read. And believe me, I’m working on it as you will see tomorrow in my month in review.

This current total includes purging around 500 books over the past couple of years, books I don’t really need and would never read again.

See, I can part with them if I try really hard . . . *sniff*

Well, it is Saturday and it’s a Daddy Daughter day because my wife is at courses all day.

Maybe we’ll play some Arkham Horror?

Maybe we’ll play some Runebound?

Definitely some fun!

Until Tomorrow . . .

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