Saturday, January 10, 2009


Day 135 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


We all liked that album.

We all like to hear about them - admit it to yourself.

But in Arkham Horror - they are just plain nasty!

I’ve been toasted two games now because of a Rumour. Once playing with my offspring, and once playing with myself . . .

. . . playing the “game” with myself.

Anyhow - if you think Rumours are bad in Arkham Horror, try playing the game with Heralds. That is the quickest way to madness and losing the game almost no matter what you try to do.

It seems the only way I can beat the game is killing the Old One at the end. Most reviews I read talk about elder signing off 6 gates for the win. How in H can you manage to that? Cheat? It’s the only way I can see to get it done. Besides have next to no elder signs in the pile of unique items and a lack of clue tokens (5 to seal a gate ro more depending on what Old One is in play) plus gate bursters - this game is next to impossible to win, but incredibly fun trying to do so.

And I’ll stop talking Geek and get into something that the common man (at least in our hemisphere) can relate to. Should I have said person? Do you feel offended? Really?


I thought the furnace was not turned down last night as it kept coming on after is shut off for only what seemed like one minute. Seems that it is -20 C here this morning - so now I know why.

As well another indicator of arid internal conditions; I went to bed a grape, and woke up a raisin. Dry, dry, dry as a desert in here this morning.

We do have a humidifier cranking water vapour into our central room, but do not have one hooked up to the furnace. Usually we don’t need one at all with it being a bloody swamp (IMO) around this next of the world.

And I don’t’ usually suffer the effects of dry air, unless it is extreme and prolonged.

Did I mention I’m making cookies today?

Oatmeal - no chocolate chips.

I may be odd by not liking the combination (I just find it wrong, very wrong) and so I perfected an oatmeal chocolate chip recipe, minus the chips.

They come out of the oven and remain chewy goodness through and through. Those attending reading night tonight at our house will get to eat them - all others not attending, well you can imagine a mouth watering, chewy, delicious cookie and feel burning hatred and envy - remember, it’s your choice.

Before I spiral off and get all Dali Lama on you, I should mention that I’ve been over achieving on my goals so far this year. Call this a mini-year in review. If I continue on my current track I will double or triple what I laid out to acheive.

That being said, I’m not going to adjust my goals because I know, come later in the year, all this cranking now will help with the slack and/or sick periods to come. Still it feels better to be ahead than already behind.

I will likely do a monthly review (say first of the month) so you can watch my degrada . . ., er, progress, as 2009 goes by.

Until tomorrow . . .

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