Thursday, January 29, 2009

pretty much the perfect day

Day 154 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, yesterday was a great day for a 20th anniversary.

Oh, it snowed like the heights of Kilimanjaro, and it was cold to boot and the roads were an absolute mess.

But I got to spend the entire day with my wife and we had no other plans except to be in each other’s company.

We didn’t exchange cards, or gifts either.

I love the fact that it’s not “rings and things” which make our marriage really work. It’s the companionship, the love, respect, laughs and tears.

Those are what matter.

Those things, the un-purchasable, are the things we cherish.

Which is not to say no money exchanged hands (from mine to others) yesterday.

You see, we walked out in the snow after dropping our daughter at school (it was actually very fun) and went to have brunch. Then we walked down town to the used bookstores and I, um, couldn’t resist.

They were having a 3 for 10 buck sale on all Sci-Fi, Fantasy which included a bunch of hardbacks in great shape. I must say, I was separated from my wife for a while as I looked over every volume.

In the end I added 13 books to my already vast collection. I got three Andre Norton novels, one Brian Lumley novel, and ten L. Ron Hubbard works of Sci-Fi . . .

I saw that!

No, I am not joining Cruise and Travolta, thank you very much.

The 10 Hubbard books are his Sci-Fi decology: Mission Earth. They look like a hoot, and unless there are hidden subliminal messages which will activate once I finish number 10, I should be safe from his nefarious influence.

We went back home, put on the fire and did some quality reading. Then, we picked up the fruit of our loins, er, daughter, in the crazy slow drive of plugged and dangerous snowy roads. I though it was actually fun. But, I am a bit weird.

I think it was fun because I didn’t have to commute to work and driving around town, with no real time deadlines, is fun. Um, trust me.

Then we had a great home made meal (I made), a nice bottle of wine (I did not make) and settled down to watch a Bob Hope film - The Big Broadcast of 1938.

Yes, the Oscar winning song, “thanks for the Memories” is in that one. What a fitting piece to watch on anniversary day.

What an absolutely great day!

And I spent it all with my wife . . . well, except for the part about getting lost in the Sci-Fi section for half an hour.

The coolest part.

We are doing it all again this Friday!

20 years + and still loving it.

Until tomorrow . . .

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