Wednesday, January 07, 2009

one down, others standing up

Day 132 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Finished a short story today - one of many this year I’m sure.

My writing goals for 2009 will ensure that I crank out a fair bit of fiction in the next 12 months - maybe not as fast as a NaNoWriMo, but slow and steady fills the pages in the long haul.

Maybe if I get the short story I just finished today fixed up enough to delight without invoking a gag reflex in you, the humble reader, I’ll stick it up here for viewing. It’s actually been a while.

I will give you a fair day’s notice though so you can shy away - my stories can be horrible, traumatic things to behold. You have been warned.

Check out “Kaylie’s Smile” in the sidebar if you don’t believe me. I dare you!

Okay, enough flute tooting about my fabulous works and prodigious output for this year.

I don’t know what to think about this nighttime blogging.

I really do need to learn new habits though, and get out of the ruts I’ve dug for myself. And writing at night, never my strong point, is when I’m doing this blog - I hope the suckage meter doesn’t point over in the red.

Still, doing things a little differently is a good thing - I hope.

So, I watched the premier of “Dead Like Me” last night after reading. First impressions - lots of profanity and some sex and heavy sarcasm.

Verdict - I liked it!

It has an odd sort of flavour, kind of like a chocolate-strawberry twist ice cream. You are never sure whether to be grossed out or feel sorry for certain characters. Entertaining and worth watching more of for sure.

And, last night while reading Robert Bloch’s “Terror” from 1962, I realized what a damn fine author this man was. If I can be half as entertaining as he was in my own stories and novels, I will feel my life has finally become more than the sum of its parts - and just skip that because it sounds neat but signifies, well not much - maybe fury?

Anyhow, I am so impressed with Bloch’s body of work, even more so than the early Niven and maybe even Zelazny - and that is saying a hell of a lot, believe me. Maybe he just appeals to my twisted sense of humour, but had such a way with words and phrases and scenes that just scream out to be read and these sudden delights tickle my fancy with just about every page.

If you get the chance to find his works (hard now, which is a damn crying shame IMO) snap them up. You will not be sorry.

Well, I have many other things to do this eve, and time is marching on.

Until tomorrow . . .

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