Monday, January 12, 2009

never drink and blog

Day 137 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Pretty good advice I think. Because blogging and drinking don’t really mix - well.

So, here I am drinking left over red wine from our reading night. No, not a whole bottle, but a pretty decent sized glass (16 oz?) and on an empty stomach.

At the time of writing this I still haven’t had the chance to view Dr. Horrible, but maybe tonight after the little one hits the sack I will get the chance.

I did manage to clean out most of the mess in my lair and get the old Windows 98se computer set up though and it’s working like an old charm. Now I don’t have to fight Windows XP to play some of my favourite older games.

Of course, it is nothing as grand as the new toy (which rawks Fallout 3), but it still works and can entertain my daughter as well when she is at loose ends - like every day.

And despite plans of playing Arkham Horror Sunday, that didn’t happen either. Grocery shopping trumped Cthulhu. Wouldn’t he snuffle in his slumber to know that lettuce took precedence over paying attention to his eminence.

And I’m back at the writing again Monday, which is this morning though this was written last night. So, right now when you thought I was drinking before work at 5:30 in the morning (wouldn’t that be a sorry sight) I’m actually working on my second short story for 2009.

I’ve been introduced (no, not by the alcohol) to Morley Fenn, Private Eye. He just showed up in short story number one and is now pushing his way into short story number two.

Funny how characters can actually take over your writing before you know it.

Well, the wine is getting a bit much for my fingers and the spelling errors are getting out of control.

So, I’ll bow out for now. I hope to have some things to say about Dr. Horrible tomorrow, if I get a chance to watch it that is.

Until tomorrow . . .

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