Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a natural twenty

Day 153 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I don’t mean to trivialize twenty years of marriage in any way, but I couldn’t help tossing in a D&D reference right off the start in today’s post title.

Yes, today is my 20th wedding anniversary. Sounds unbelievable, even to me, and I’m living it.

It’s supposed to be China, or something, for the 20th. With the economy as it is, I’m actively trying to not buy Chinese products, so what do I get that special lady in my life?

Um, would you believe this blog post?

Would you even believe we have had only two fights in all the years we have been married? That is only one a decade.

That has got to be some kind of a record, no?

I am very happy I met my wife all those years ago and we hit it off so well. I would likely be some fat troll squatting in a basement apartment, living World of Warcraft like it was a real life otherwise.

Scary thought.

Instead, I have a beautiful wife and also a beautiful daughter. My life is not perfect, but I’m pretty darn happy about it and it is made all the better because of these two girls, whom I love dearly.

I don’t want to get all sappy and stuff, so I won’t. Consider yourself spared.

Today we are going out for Indian food, something which just does not exist close to our home. We need to travel about one hour to get to the restaurant, but it should be okay, barring bad weather.

And I think bad weather is on the way now that I look at the forecast.


I guess getting married, and hence celebrating an anniversary in January, comes with these kinds of perils.

Well, off to brave the weather and spend a great day with the girl of my dreams.

Or maybe spend the day in snuggling on the couch.

Until tomorrow . . .

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