Friday, January 02, 2009

little red bicycle bash

Day 127 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I was a mischievous youth - okay, juvenile delinquent.

I know you don’t find that too surprising. What you don’t know is I was a bike thief and destruction maniac - well this one time, anyhow, but not at band camp.

My friend (he was the bad influence, honestly) and I were walking on “the rocks” when we came across a red bicycle, just sitting there. And by “the rocks” I mean a large part of the Canadian Shield in the town where I grew up - very rocky and elevated and a great place for kids to go adventuring within the safety of town.

So, we come across this bike and what do we do? We decide that it would be fun to watch it fly down “the rocks” over some of the most treacherous and steep portions.

That is precisely what we did, many, many times over.

After a while we tired of this fun activity (the bike was a mangled mess by this point) and we settled down for a nice snack of Tang. If you recall, Tang was like Cool Aid, but included sugar in the packet as well as the artificial colour and flavour. Breakfast of young champions.

Happily shoveling Tang into our mouths we didn’t notice the police officer come up behind us.

Startled, we wondered what he could possibly want - it was a nice try on our part, but he had seen us performing out little riderless bicycle stunts.

Um, we stammered, the bike was abandoned. We didn’t steal it, honest.

He didn’t believe us - two of the towns finest youths.

I don’t recall going to jail or doing any community service, so we must have gotten off pretty lightly - it still gave us a good scare though.

Ah youth, wasted on the immature.

Oh, and you were wondering about my age at the time - lets say single digits and leave it at that.

Until tomorrow . . .

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