Tuesday, January 06, 2009

flux and toil

Day 131 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, this blog post may appear to have been written in the wee hours of this morn since it only just materialized - but in fact, it was written the night before - which is not a cheat for this Marathon.

Recall, I was to write 365 blogs in 365 days - not one blog every day.

There is a difference, though you won’t actually see it here unless I screw it up.

It’s a big change for me, this change of timing, where I will now get to reflect on the day’s events - like being back to work . . .

. . . Okay, forget the reflections - that mirror is considered off limits unless I suddenly turn into the fairest of them all. Probability = .0000001352% and falling.

Oh, and why the change, you ask?

Well, you see, I’m writing every morning now for the whole of 2009, barring severe illness. Yup, believe it or not gentle reader - you can start breathing again.

Imagine -







One word at a time.

I’m actually shooting for 1000 words a day (which I will likely not achieve) however, today I came close. Even if I only get out 500 words a day all year that will be a whopping huge ~160,000 words written - more than most novels and about a quarter of my total output from the past 25 years.

It’s a huge jump and commitment for me, but the bullet is in my mouth now and I’m masticating it heartily, risking dental work.

With this herculean endeavour scheduled, the short stories and flash fiction should be accumulating at an alarming rate - some of it may even be good and a wise editor may pay money for my efforts.

Sounds like a real plan, doesn’t it?

I can now, with head held high, pronounce myself a writer as well as published author.

And I’m positive that some of my works will show up here from time to time, though my focus will be on getting my writing to pay some bills. My kid is quickly approaching University age - and well, #1 Bestseller sounds like a ticket to pay those hefty post-infantile school bills.

I’m going to try and remain sane (well, except while playing Arkham sometimes) during this period of flux - wish me good stamina and sanity rolls throughout.

Until tomorrow, or last night’s post which looks like tomorrows . . .

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