Wednesday, January 14, 2009

doubly cold

Day 139 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Twin colds have descended upon me - One I hate, the other I love.

You can guess which.

The blowing nose, sinus congestion, achy body one is, you guessed it, the one I hate.

The real Canadian winter temperatures we are getting for the next few days (finally - how may years have I waited in this southern near-tropical part of Ontario?) is the one I love.

Call me weird, my daughter does, but I love it when the air is so cold it almost crackles and the snow crunches and squeaks under my boot and car tire treads.

Love it!

I grew up in this type of cold in the F scale, not the wimpy C scale of the soft converted society of today here in the South.

I remember going outside in my snowmobile suit as a child and playing in -20 to -30 degrees F.

Yes F and in Frosty.

Love it.

Northern Ontario = very cold winters, but clean crisp, freeze the hair on your lip cold. Oh and wearing ski masks was not a sign of a robber, but a sign that the air was cold enough to threaten actual frost bite and you did need to wear one or risk it.

I remember my mask freezing up with ice from my breath vapour.

Love it.

I know a lot will be moaning and bitching about the cold. Go ahead, you can if you want, or you can be like me and . . . yeah, love it.

I remember the furnace almost never turning off in the dead of winter up north as I sat on the vent reading my Dr. Seuess books. Wonderful memories which this cold snap is dredging up in me.

Downhill skiing was fun too, and the best temperature for the slopes was - 10 degrees F. Yup, best temperature. Any colder and you had to limit the number of runs. Get too close to + 10 F and the snow would feel different and you would start to heat up too much inside your clothes.

The good old days are hear again for me, at least until Sunday.

Then, back to banana belt, damp, moderate temperatures. Blah.

Until Tomorrow . . .

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