Saturday, December 27, 2008

monsoon morning

Day 121 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I awoke this morning to the sounds of pouring rain. No, really.

And yes it’s technically winter around here, with snow banks and everything.

Very strange, but then again we do live in “interesting” times don’t we?

I guess the high of 10 degrees C today is just one of many thaws we seem to get around this neck of the Ontario woods.

Where I grew up, once winter settled in, a mild day would have been about 20 F and not a degree warmer - well below the freezing mark.

So, yesterday turkey and potatoes and gravy were consumed with friends - and I’m still stuffed this morning, only able to drink a coffee (okay, and a few dark chocolate icy squares). I’ll think about food again around noon. When I do eat another meal it will be a small quantity and it will be wafer thin.

And I actually did a physical workout yesterday - proud of myself - weights and trampoline! I’m starting to combat the pounds and pounds of chocolate Santa thought I should have. Bad Santa!

Maybe I’ll take some of it with me to gaming day tomorrow and see if those extra calories can help us stop Arkham from being absorbed by Cthulhu or some other unspeakable ancient menace.

Who am I kidding - Cthulhu dreams of chocolate as well as eating the world, so maybe the chocolate will be more of a ancient god lure than a help for our team of investigators/adventurers . . .

. . . and those that don’t’ read Lovecraft of play Arkham Horror are most likely gone from this blog already to other parts of the net.

For those still with me - in the last game Yig came this close to having his scaly butt handed to him, but luckily for him most of us went insane and our “last best hope for pieces” missed a critical dynamite roll . . .

We all said, “maybe next time”, which is only one sleep away now and I can’t wait for the fun.

Well, I better get with the breakfast as hungry family members will rise shortly and take over the solitude of this house demanding grub - even though I’m going to pass today.

Until tomorrow . . .

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