Sunday, December 28, 2008

love your Innsmouth look and other compliments

Day 122 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I arrive by train today at 12:30 to the sleepy town of Arkham. I’ve been invited by a friend because “certain” activities of late require my expertise.

I’ve a suspicion that Shub, Yog or Nyarl may be up to their old tricks again.

This time, with the help of friends, I’m going to shut them down for good - or die trying (like so many times before).

Yup, today is to be Arkham Horror day, and my friends have every expansion pack that goes along with this huge Fantasy Flight game - which tends to twist the outcome even less in our favour, but is far more fun with tons more variety than just the original version.

But it’s not about winning or losing (your mind), it’s about getting together for a spell and playing a massive board game which is not run by computer AI but dice and cards and imagination.

This is one thing I love about long vacation periods over Christmas - chances to play these massively big board games.

But with everybody I know embroiled in their busy lives, even during this time of supposed vacation, it’s been hard up til now to coordinate a game.

In fact, this is the first for me although I have played quite a few games with my family already. But my family likes less complicated and horrifically themed games (like Masterpiece or Settlers of Catan).

Me, I just love a good bout of complexity and horror and strategy in my games and the bigger the better and Fantasy Flight really makes the best out there right now.

But what is so great about huge these huge and complex board games?

I think they get close to approximating an artificial life where you can take your character/race/pseudopod and have a go at an alternative existence for a while. This may be why I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Horror books so much as well.

Not that I shun real life, but it can get a bit repetitive and dull at times and let’s face it jobs, for the most part, are generally soul-sucking, rock-cracking wastes of time. Unless you are a brave soul who has forged money from your passions - good for you!

Don’t worry, I’ll get there too, in time.

Now, where did I put my train tickets and elder sign?

Until Tomorrow . . .

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