Saturday, December 06, 2008

like sands through the hourglass

Day 100 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I did what I thought was an interesting thing yesterday at work.

I listened to streaming C-Span radio and took in the entire plea and question period of the US Senate hearings dealing with the domestic auto industry's plea for a bridge loan to allow them to keep operating.

What an ear opener.

First off I was duly impressed with some Senate individuals coming across as pretty damn intelligent - it kind of blew my personal opinion that all politicians are a bunch of smooth-talking self-absorbed money-grubbing asshats . . .

. . . but that is not to say some of them didn’t come across that way to me, because they did.

It was mostly a show for the voters though, let’s make no mistake. But one thing was crystal clear. The USA is shitting in their collective pants over the whole economy.

You see, as the general populace, fueled by the retarded lop-sided fearmongering media, stops their spending (because credit is pretty much stopped) and hides in fear, the whole “Capitalist” system comes grinding to a halt and starts to crash and burn. In November alone over one half a million people more are out of work in the US and, even in Canada, we just had the highest numbers of unemployment in 26 years - and the slide does not seem to be abating any time soon.

If the lenders won’t lend and the spenders won’t spend you have a perfect recipe for economic collapse. Don’t believe it? Not that I am Kreskin or anything, but just wait another six months to a year and tell me again.

So, though I really didn’t learn much I didn’t already know or suspect, I did learn that there are some people in places to make changes that “get it” and are actually trying to help. But at the same time there are a few who “don’t get it” and want nothing more than to see all failed companies crash and burn no matter the consequences.

Those people scare me.

They are molded, I think, from the same fabric of individual that would walk by somebody lying on the street bleeding and in pain and think whatever happened to that person, he/she probably deserved it and just continue walking on by.

Scary crap.

Two things I take away from the hearings.

1) The Capitalist system is not a permanently sustainable system and is going to crash hard before those that can do anything useful can come up with a long term, viable solution.

2) Those that make the decisions affecting millions don’t have the ability, because of the very governmental system itself, to act quickly enough to really do much good.

So as not to be just like the media, I’ll end off by saying that we are in for a major adjustment in our societies - hang on to your shorts!

Until tomorrow . . .

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