Monday, December 29, 2008

Hastur been

Day 123 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, it was a close one, but our band of intrepid (okay, scared witless literally) rabble managed to take down Hastur even with the terror track all the way up to 5.

Only two of the six of us were not consumed in the final showdown. I was one of the lucky ones left alive, if gibbering incoherently, once Hastur was a smear of his former self. The other lone survivor made it pretty much intact and no doubt carted me off to what was left of the Arkham Sanitarium once the dust settled.

As you can surmise a fun, if horrific, time was had by all. We may gather another set of fools to try it again January 4th. Wonder how the stars will be aligned that day - dare I even check?

One of the coolest things sprung on me for the session was the “Paul Darcy” character card. I kid you not. Some guy created a program where you just fill in the blanks, then, if you have a good colour printer, you can print and laminate your very own creations be they characters, monsters, encounters or old ones even. Very cool feature lending even more variety to and already very complex game.

Thanks guys - you know who you are and it was absolutely a hoot to play myself - and live. Hey, in fact, the only two of us playing ourselves lived while the others were consumed. Coincidence?

And not only did gaming happen, but afterwards we had some great discussions about the world situation and our own economy. There were some solutions that made sense, but unfortunately none there with the power to affect such large scale changes in our world.

Oh, well. It’s been fun, and thanks for all the electronics . . .

I’ll leave off there as I don’t want today’s blog. to turn into a global rant - the globe has enough problems already without me pointing out more of them.

So, I’ll turn to TV shows instead.

My friend gave me “Dead Like Me” to watch and in return I will get them my copy of “Wonderfalls” to view. Both, I believe, were created by the same people. I loved “Wonderfalls” so I’m sure “Dead Like Me” will be a treat. Can’t wait.

My brain, after almost being sucked out by a straw in yesterday’s Markham Horror game, is starting to fire on a few more cylinders as well. The V12 is up to 7 now I think.

Those that have the waiting for NaNoWriMo feeling will know how I’m anticipating January 5th as that is when I’ll be starting into my “serious” or “blue” or “insane” phase - whatever you want to call it.

Who knows the wonders I’ll create - or the piles of dren? Oh, well - you can’t immediately come up with great creations without first producing some crap.

So, that is where you will find me in 2009 - trying to make an alternate income from words instead help produce more and more and more cars in a world which is kind of choked with them already, don’t you think?

Until tomorrow . . .

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