Saturday, December 20, 2008

broken connections

Day 114 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, this post may be one day late because I can’t get on to the internet, or you may be seeing it on the day it should appear.

Completely out of my hands, I’m afraid.

(Edit: it’s working again)

My daughter keeps reminding me that Christmas is “X” number of days away, where “X” = the countdown including hours and minutes. Maybe not quite to Data accuracy, but about as annoying as Data ever could be while spewing unnecessary information.

Actually, it’s kind of cute watching her get so excited.

As an adult, I don’t really get excited much anymore over too many things, or to a very high degree. That whole 12-years-old-and-under excitement things like Christmas used to bring me, are kind of dead and long gone.

Oh, I can still find myself a little amused at things or looking forward to things, but nothing in the last twenty years or so has ever gotten me worked up like my daughter is worked up now waiting for Santa to deliver the goods.

Pretty sad, isn’t it.

How, as grown ups, we can so easily lose those childlike ways and get caught up in the drudgery of responsibilities and obligations and tedium.

But there is always tomorrow, with the hope of brighter days and the return of the twelve year old spirit who still crouches just out of sight with his wrist rocket and mischievous grin.

I hope I get there before I become too senile to notice and so just completely miss it.

I have a funny feeling that Santa may be putting things in my stocking this year other than a lump of coal or a rock. Just a feeling, or a pretty good hunch, or a prescience about what is to come, I guess.

I also have a funny feeling that it will be edible and prepackaged - and then the visions leave me . . .

And one small thing I have to mention, but feel almost embarrassed revealing because it makes me look like and even bigger goof than I already appear to be. But hell, what would be the fun in scouring the Twisted Mind if I didn’t give you some glimpses of insanity or oversight once in while.

You see, I just finished the third mission in Fallout Tactics where you need to take down the Raider Leaders and retrieve the T-800 hand. Well, I only noticed this time through the names of the main raiders in that little episode. They were Bo, Luke, Daisy and Jesse . . . See, you spotted it right off.

Well, I missed it twice before while playing through that game. Geek points eroding once again.

The time on the wall indicates to me that elsewhere is the place I should be, so.

Until tomorrow . . .

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