Friday, December 12, 2008

all the marbles

Day 106 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, boys and girls, the game couldn’t get much closer or exciting than this, now could it.

It’s the global free market political Superbowl!

Hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line, public eyes watching every move, hostility on both sides of the camp, people laughing, people crying, people crapping in their pants with personal debt levels up to, and exceeding, their eyeballs.

So what’s it going to be Senate for all those workers - Live or Die? What’s it going to be?

The sad fact is that good working class people (you know, the ones that actually “do-the-work”) will pay the ultimate price, while the CEOs and executives and high level managers just saunter on back to their multi-million dollar ranches and yachts.

You want to hear a real gut buster? The CEO at my work place (during 2007) made more in three months than I would have made in 30 years . . . Ha ha ha!

Isn’t Capitalism fun, boys and girls? The free market system RAWKS!!

I’m going to make a real effort to make this the last work place related post. Do you, the reader, really give a rat’s ass anyhow?

I think not.

And even if you give a rat’s ass - well, you see, I’ve already got two . . .

Oh, and by “work place” I mean the place I go to get a paycheck, not the place of my passions which would be various creative endeavours, like biographies, tunes, videos, scripts and writing projects of all natures. One is food for the table, the other is food for the soul. I do not get them mixed up, believe me.

Through the smoke and mirrors it’s a little hard to tell right now, but just watch soon as the house of cards come tumbling down while China circles like a vulture ready to pick off the near dead and dying.

Don’t believe me. Just wait and see.

China wants into the car manufacturing market - what better way than to snap up an auto company that the governments decides is, as Scotty said, “He’s dead already.”

But like the dead Spock, anything can happen in the future and so I remain, despite the situation, hopeful.

I apologize if I’ve depressed you in any way. It was not my intent. I’m only venting a bit of steam at a dire situation.

Hell, we’ve come through two world wars, a depression, and watched Carrot Top on the Comedy Channel - this to shall pass.

Until tomorrow . . .

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