Saturday, November 22, 2008

on the grid

Day 86 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


As my mind finds little time to focus and concentrate on anything remotely like writing I tend to exercise my muse by gaming instead . . .

Don’t worry - it’s only temporary, like some forms of insanity used during trials.

But, with the new rig and major life distractions I found a racing game which is quite challenging, yet accessible. It’s called Grid, and it looks almost photorealistic.

There are three separate circuits to race on. American, European and Japanese. You have to use different cars in each regioni and the races themselves are quite different as well.

Anything from drifting competitions and mountain chases in Japan, to time trials and Indy style in Europe, to muscle car and even demolition derby events in America. A huge variety of tracks and races as well as cars to choose from. And the cars handle differently which is actually pretty challenging when you switch zones and events.

And the coolest thing is you can start your own team. Give it a name, acquire sponsors, hire other drives, choose car colours and schemes, buy and sell as many cars as you like, and collect cash and prestige to get into higher paying and tougher races.

Very well done, but quite hard to do. There is this flashback feature that lets you rewind if you crash during a race, but so far I've used it only once. It feels too much like cheating when you do. So, win or lose I just race as best I can to the end.

Like I mentioned the graphics are as close to watching racing on TV as I have ever seen, but the damage models are a bit too forgiving. I mean, when I slam my Mustang GT at 100 miles per hour into the side of a competitor and all I get is a paint scrape and some fender damage - well you know what would happen in the real world. In Grid, you just take your knocks and keep on racing, though, if you do excessive damage you can total your vehicle.

I’m still struggling a little bit to get my knew machine up to the level of work ability like my old one when it comes to voice recording, movie making, music making, etc. Maybe over the Christmas break I’ll make it a goal to get that stuff working again so I can churn out some other types of creative projects.

I mean, I have the rig now. I just need to get the software working with it.

Well, it’s off to tennis aerobics again today and visiting some friends in the Toronto area later and breakfast calls, so . . .

Until Tomorrow . . .

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