Sunday, November 02, 2008

graduation day

Day 66 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Today is very special in the Darcy domain.

For today is graduation day - for my daughter.

No, not university (that can wait quite a few more years, please) but her Suzuki Book 2 cello graduation.

She has been playing for over 5 years now and is getting extremely good.

To celebrate her Suzuki Book 2 accomplishments we are having over about 20 people to listen to her play a concert of pieces and have some fun and food afterwards.

Now this may not sound like too much, but the Suzuki method is quite different from Conservatory which, like Suzuki, go from Book 1 to 10 in increasingly difficult and complex musical pieces, but in a different way.

You see, in the Suzuki program she has to have all of the Book 2 pieces memorized, unlike the Conservatory where you read as you play the music. There are 15 songs, I believe, and they are not easy little pieces - and yes, she has them all memorized and knows the composers as well.

Very impressive. I can’t state this strongly enough. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

And yes, I’m a proud Daddy.

Having a “very bright” and accomplished child has its own set of challenges - but for today we will celebrate her musical skills with a heart felt smile.

I will sit back with the camera and listen in amazement to her play beautifully. Oh, and she will be accompanied by piano (a good friend of my wife's) and my wife too playing her cello. It will be a three piece concert - and it is going to Rawk . . .

. . . Well, in a classical music sort of way.

I’m going to enjoy this celebration - one of many along my daughter's wonderful journey to adulthood.

And yes, where the ‘H’ does the time fly too - I mean, wasn’t I just doing her diapers last week?

I love you my silly little girl (can’t call her that for too many more years) and sometimes I can’t believe just how good you've become on the cello.

If I have any computer skills (don't hold your breath), I may be able to post, here at the Twisted Mind, some of her playing from today later this week.

Until tomorrow . . .

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