Thursday, November 06, 2008

black f-day approaches

Day 70 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


I mean Black.

And I mean F.

I know I try hard here not to spew on about the “Job”, but the news coming down the internal sewer pipes is far from good.

In fact I could describe it as - dire.

We have a meeting Friday to announce significant alterations to our business - and that means, in laymen terms, “We are so Frelled”.

Here are my predictions. Kind of fun to see if I’m right in my guesses. I will know for sure Friday - black Friday - and you will either here it all in the news or here on Saturday as I recap the kneecap removal.

So here are my predictions in no particular order:

1) Salaried workforce wages will be decreased by 10% starting December 1st - Oh, and merry X-mas, you are getting Ho Ho Hosed.

2) Mandatory no-pay days (10 of them) will be introduced for 2009. We will get to choose when to take them. Think of these as 10 little out-of-work days to contemplate your life.

3) Two weeks of holidays will be taken away to make up for the 10 no-pay days. Why will you need holidays when we have given you 10 lovely days to choose no-pay whenever you like? See how generous we are?

4) Three more production plants (possibly four, four plants, ah, ah aahhh) will be closed and those already announced will be moved ahead to close by the end of this year. Too much capacity, too much stuff that people don’t want to buy. Now, just how could that have happened?

We are so Frelled . . . kind of obvious, no?

And responses I’ve seen to this domestic auto sector economic situation are two sided. One camp says, “hey, the domestic auto sector should be saved” while the other camp says, “screw them and their dumb decisions, let them burn in a fire.”

Looks like Confucius got his desire.

On another note, which is not workplace related, the stats for this little blog seem to be climbing upwards. I’ve even seen a spike as high as 43 visitors here in one day.

Well, I never.

But, maybe, just maybe, 70 days in a row of insightful and entertaining posts will do that sort of thing in cyberspace . . .

. . . okay, maybe just entertaining?

. . . hello?

. . .

Until tomorrow, aka, “black f-day” . . .

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