Thursday, November 20, 2008

almost over

Day 84 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, the trip yesterday wasn’t quite as long or hideous as I predicted.

And, it didn’t snow nearly as much as the forecasters has said it would so shoveling this morning will be a breeze.

Things are looking up, well, maybe not the Stock Market - but my little patch of reality seems to be going okay.

And since I was on the road all day yesterday I kinda missed out on what up with the auto industry bailouts. The only thing I did hear was that if the US gives any money to the big 3, it is NOT to be used to save Canadian or Mexican jobs . . .

. . . I can see where this is going.

Funny thing will be if I actually get early retirement courtesy of the US Treasury Department.

Who would have thunk it a few years ago?

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the work front - soon to be the out-of-work front I’m thinking.

On a related topic we were to use a pool car to go on this trip - but, upon trying to sign out a pool car we found out that the week before they were all rounded up and auctioned off . . .

Each morning now I’ll go to work wondering if my computer, desk and chair will be there - you may get them for a good price on the chopping block and I’ll have to stand all day with my own paper and pencil to work - if the building is still there that is as well as my job.

Desperate measures with no end in sight = not a good sign.

So far I’ve not seen any employees walking around in black robes with “The End Is Nigh” signs, but some of the looks on faces reflect just that.

On the up side I did buy a thumb drive. 2 Gig for ten bucks - good deal and great for transferring the music from one computer to another and storing my writing, which appears as though its importance will increase a thousandfold very soon.

Hope I can sell it and stay out of the cardboard box.

Well, I don’t have anything more of great significance to relate (no tennis last night) so I’ll let you get on to those other sites.

Until tomorrow . . .

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