Friday, October 03, 2008

only 10 percent

Day 36 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Well, a whole 36 days of blogging in a row, and since I’m a round-up, glass-half-full, kind of guy (well mostly), I can officially say I am 10 percent through the “Marathon of the Dope.”

So far, I’ve always thought of something to post.

But there have been moments. Usually about ten seconds before I start to write when I think - hmm, nothing to say today.

And since I played bubble tennis again last night, well, today will deal with tennis again. So, with regards to tennis . . .

. . . there are two things which I need though - okay, want.

One is a new pair of tennis shoes. My old pair, only four months old, are all but burned through with maybe 10 percent of their life remaining. Still usable, but getting towards the dangerous side as the actual grip part in several areas is no longer present to provide, well, grip.

You see, I’m a toe dragger. Sounds like some hideous affliction, but all it means is during my serve I drag my tennis shoe across the service line. As you can imagine this burns the toes out of my shoes rather quickly. Maybe they make steel toed tennis shoes?

The other want is a new tennis bag. The old one has the handle ripping off and one day soon I will be picking it up to carry my rackets and the handle will tear clean off.

But man, are tennis shoes expensive, and not regularly available at the local mall. Nope, gots to get them at the Pro shops attached to the tennis clubs.

Looks like a decent pair runs about 90-100 bucks, while the really good pairs go for 150+.


Still, they are something you kinda hafta have to play the game.

But, being budget minded, I have to time the purchase just right so I don’t have to owe any credit card companies any interest which blows the whole idea of saving any money.

And speaking of tennis I played again last night.

Wednesday nights are for the “good guys” and Thursday nights are for the “average guys” as I found out.

On Wednesday I was at the bottom end of the player’s skill level (won 11 games, lost 16). And last night I was on the best court and did the best, so at the high end of the player’s skill (won 15 games, lost 6).

I am somewhere in the realm of above average. Just like my age - somewhere in the middle-ish.

Until tomorrow . . .

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