Friday, October 10, 2008

new specs

My new toy (computer) is all spec’d out and in the process of coming together.

I do this sort of thing every three to five years - my lifespan for a new computer.

The one I have now is okay (3 ½ years old now), and it will be kept for the family to use. What I need now (okay, crave) is something to blaze through games, one of my vices . . .

. . . and my new toy should do just that. It will get around 20 -30 FPS on Crysis - okay, not stellar, but no slouch either. Other, less demanding games will clock in probably around 60 - 100 FPS depending on settings.

I’m happy with that.

ETA - two months. Just about in time to load on my on-order copy of Fallout 3 and have a blast in the Wastelands.

Until then I’ll have to contend myself with Morrowind, which should arrive very soon, maybe even today.

Can’t wait.

I do like to PC game - even if it irks my family at times.

Would they rather I was a drunk, or druggie, or an unfaithful libidinous philanderer?

Not so bad when you put it into perspective now, am I . . .

Until tomorrow . . .

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