Friday, September 26, 2008

one million mpg

Day 29 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


That’s what I want from my automobile.

My car is off lease in a couple years and a bit, and I’m actually looking forward to getting a plug in auto. The Volt.

I hope it doesn’t suck. And what is up with only 40 miles before the gas engine kicks in? - did Exxon design the range?

Couldn’t GM come up with like 100 miles range on just batteries? Is battery tech so lame these days?

Those with laptops could maybe answer that question.

And a wee grouchy today as tennis was cut short by a broken breaker . . . and no lights for the courts last night. Perfect weather, no mosquitoes to speak of and no light after twenty minutes of play. Grrrr.

Oh, well. Bubble tennis starts up next week then things like outside sunshine, weather and temperature become irrelevant.

And I’m playing with the top players on Wednesday night. Already the pro running the night has been asking about me, and not in a good way. Is he ranked? Is he a pro? Who the hell is this guy? Is he any good? We only want “TOP” players, etc, etc.

Nothing like pressure to make me miss tons of shots and appear like an uncoordinepileptiquad (say that six times fast over coffee this morning)

I really hope I don’t suck and make a fool of myself. “Used to be very good”, I don’t think will cut it.

You are sure to get a report about the experience next Thursday..

And can you believe I still do not have two of the three things needed to do my new job - after three weeks?

Oh, you can believe it. Then you must work in a large corporation then.

And is the economy on the verge of collapse, or what? Maybe I should open a soup kitchen and charge 10 cents a bowl. With hundreds of thousands lining up every day I could stand to make a fortune.

Well, the novel doesn’t edit itself - much as I wish it would.

So, I’ll get at it then.

Until tomorrow . . .

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