Wednesday, September 17, 2008

lack of oxygen

Short post today as I spent most of last night (way past my bedtime) at the hospital with my daughter.

She had a nasty asthma attack that required more than rest and puffers. It was triggered by a bad, bad nose and lung clogging cold.

Sucks to be her - and millions of others.

And, as a parent, it sucks to watch your little one in so much distress. She is better today, thanks to medications, but anther bad attack hides in the dark like a time bomb - and you don’t know when the detonation timer is set for.

Bond, James Bond can only diffuse so many of them.

So sleepy.

And I have a damn mosquito bite, from a week ago, that still itches and causes me general discomfort.

Toxic mosquitoes - full of toxins. Sucking at my blood.

Can you actually become delirious from lack of sleep ro a toxic mosquito?

Night all - er, I mean good morning.

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