Sunday, September 28, 2008

just rewards but I want more

Day 31 of 365 in the “Marathon of the Dope” . . .


Wow, spent the entire afternoon looking at DVD sets, TVs, computers, computer games, etc.

And bought nothing. Yes, I’m bad for our economy.

But fear not.

Come celebration time, near the end of this year, I’m going to make one significant purchase under 1000 bucks.

Can that be considered significant? Maybe it’s relative. For me any outlaying of cash from say 500 to 1000 is pretty significant.

Oh I know some of you may spend that in an afternoon, enhancing your beauty or pushing buttons on a slot machine without a care - but I would feel significant guilt if I did that without a long, hard evaluation of the purchase.

I have no real necessity for a new computer or larger TV.

I just damn well want one . . .

. . . or the other.

And therein lies my little dilemma.

I could get both, but then I would have to compromise. Do I really want a smaller LCD TV and a slower, on the verge of becoming obsolete in a month, computer - or do I want a Big Plasma TV OR a kick arse speed demon gaming machine/computer.

Why do I “need” these things at all? Could I be a product of consumerism? I don’t get it from watching commercials - no TV hookup - but I do like playing computer games and watching TV shows ala DVD . . .

Getting one or the other is going to be my reward.

Reward for what you may ask.

Well, my reward for continued writing in the face of every mind-forged manacle and self-inflicted roadblock I am able to throw in my way to writing success. Believe me, I’m very good at it.

Still, 31 days of straight blogging and going strong.

Novel editing on course and I’m even going to do NaNoWriMo again this year despite the potential for driving me to complete insanity.

That’s why.

But, I really can’t decide. Honest. I look at my DVD collection and wish I could see it on the Big screen at home . . . then I look at all the very cool computer games coming out and wish I could play them on a lightening fast gaming machine.

And I get mind freeze.

Perhaps the company I work for will go under and my only decision will be how fast I can unload all my goods on Ebay to continue to live in my house and have food to eat.

Perhaps I should become a monk and take a vow of poverty and just chuck it all.

But then I wouldn’t get to play Fallout 3 or watch Lord Of The Rings again on a 50 inch Plasma screen . . .

Enough deliberation for today. On to some stats.

It seems that after a month of straight blogging, I’ve managed to increase my daily visits by about 10 a day.

Keeping up the same trend, I may be able to boast of a whole 100 people dropping by the view my ravings in a single day. That to me is pretty scary, but my purpose of blogging every day is to make sure I’m writing every day no matter what is going on in my life or the world around me, not to see how many readers I can accumulate.

So far it’s working like a charm.

Still, if enough people actually keep coming back here to view what I write - I may have to increase the quality a whole bunch to retain/entertain them.

But that would require me to construct an entire self-agonizing post on its own, and you have endured enough already for one day.

Thank’s for stopping by.

Until tomorrow . . .

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