Wednesday, September 03, 2008

daze six

Day 6 of 365 in the Marathon of Dope . . .


I must admit that blogging straight through Day 6 of 365 feels a bit more like day 60, which it is, of course, not.

It could be that I only got 6 hours of sleep last night which does not quite cut it. But hey, customers (you few readers) need content and I did promise.

I will begin today by stating that my writing plan (blog in morning, twitter through the day, then edit my novel at night) is going to work wonderfully for this month - subject to change on a whim or a better plan or sudden cardiac arrest.

Structure here at The Twisted Mind Emporium (the old Engineering mind at work I think) may begin to take shape as the months progress. I’m thinking I may start up some more “Weird Science” articles. I used to do them once a week on Fridays or some such. They were always fun to write and had the added touch of being somewhat useful at teaching science in a fun way.

There may also sneak into the mix an ongoing short fiction action hero. I was thinking along the lines of an animal cracker that was subjected to sewer water and 220 volts turning it into “Cookie Zebra Hero” . . .

. . . or maybe something better I can think up with a much less sleep deprived mind. Superheros do seem to be all the fad now though - or is that like a 90s fashion I am just now catching on to?

I don’t have TV to keep me up to date on these pop culture phenomena, so I do seem to get behind the “cool kid” culture curve rather frequently. I’m not a teen anymore, or a twenty something, or even a thirty something . . . but, I don’t need a walker yet, so I must be eating good enough food and getting my exercise.

Which brings me to Tennis. My joints (hips and knees) were bothering me during last night’s match. I think it’s due to the decades of cubicle life which I have not managed to escape yet.

Which swings me over to the current “New” job. Should be a piece of cake really. In a couple of hours I learned most of what needs doing. It’s just a matter now of applying it.

You may think this will drive me crazy with boredom, however I see this as an opportunity to concentrate more of my grey matter on writing even while pretending to buckle down in the cube. But “shshhh” - let’s keep this a secret between us work dodgers.

Well off again to contemplate the overall colour of the universe, why house flies only have two wings while dragon flies have four, and how come every time I wear a white shirt it immediately gathers mother’s preserves to it?

Until day 7 which will mark 1 of 52 weeks of madness from the mountain.

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