Monday, September 01, 2008

come endless posts

I’m going to revise my goal of a post every day for 365 days. Today marks day 4 of 365 in the “Marathon of Dope” for those keeping score at home.

I suppose I should define “Dope”.

Dope, as in I must be one for attempting this feat, and not as in what I’m shooting/snorting/smoking. Just wanted to clarify that point early on.

The revision comes because I realized posting every single day just isn’t likely to happen - but for reasons that will be out of my control. There have been instances where my internet access is, well, inaccessible for a day or more.

It happened before.

It will happen again.

I don’t want to stress out about defaulting on this plan because of some stupid glitch in the system. Is that your black cat?

So, I am still going to “try” and write a post every day for the remaining 361 days - however, in the event of unforseen circumstances where I miss a day . . .

. . . I’ll make it up by posting double or triple as soon as the opportunity arises. So the revision really means you will get 365 posts in 365 days where a small amount of days will be zeros and others will have more than one post.


I feel a lot better now about the plan now.

And just where the hell did this summer go already? I know “technically” it’s still summer, but once I see September on my calendar I always give in to the fact that summer is pretty much over.

This means soon I get to go from mowing the lawn to shoveling the driveway. I don’t like grass or nasty weather.

And speaking of nasty, Gustav is hammering the East Coast of Southern North America right now - for those of you without maps . . .

That just seems unfair to those living there, but it is a known location where this kind of occurrence occurs. Kind of like living on the edge of a volcano. When she blows her top spewing lava about, does anybody really seem surprised?

Okay, going to leave off today before I get into too much trouble.

Oh, and my daily updates here will start showing up in the evening since my early mornings are booked for editing and rewriting my latest novel (Typhoon Rising).

Pondering what I am proposing here my inner geek can only whisper in horror, “My Gawd, what have I done?”

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