Monday, July 14, 2008

my brane hurts

Well, I’ll cut right to the writing update this week . . .

. . . as in - not too much of it except what you see here at Twisted Mind for the Saturday Scribes the past few weeks.

As for the “Secret Project” I’ve heard nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. Which, as one saying goes, is a good thing. In the publishing world though, I’m not too sure.

So, I remain hopeful but the scepticism increases logarithmically with each passing day. If I hear nothing one way or the other by August 1st, I’m afraid I’ll have to pronounce it dead and reveal what it was.

And as you can see, or rather hear, there still is no audio version of Kaylie’s Smile. I spent too much time doing little during my two weeks vacation to actually get any sort of work done. So, an audio version of Kaylie's Smile is still coming. I’ll give it the same deadline as the “Secret Project” - August 1st it is.

As for my Post Apocalyptic novel being edited and ready for publication next year - well - just can’t seem to get the gears in motion which is directly related to the unsure future I’m living right now (and you thougth I lived in the present - silly you).

Will I have an income in September or not? Since it’s not “my decision” I have to wait this out too - and I hate waiting for things to be decided. I would make a poor diplomat indeed. The only thing bull shit is good for, in my world, is fertilizing fields . . .

Going to leave it at that for this week with the hopes that next week I will know more about the above.

In the mean time I’ll make like a graviton and travel from brane to brane in search of the unified field theory in eleven dimensions . . .

. . . or read a book.

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