Monday, June 16, 2008

then there were two


Haven’t heard a peep yet about the ‘Secret Project’, but then I didn’t really expect to by this time. Hard to wait, but still glad I am pursuing it anyhow.

And speaking of rats, which is where this post began, we lost little Feather on Friday. His battle with a tumor was lost and so we are left with only Fluffy and Snow now. Losing pets is always sad and this one was no exception.

I hope Feather has lots of exciting tunnels to explore in Rat heaven.

And it looks as though I’ll be able to get to my hell cubicle today as the blockade has been busted due to a court order. Oh well, not all of life can be good.

After all the turmoil of the past week and a bit I need to get focused again which is proving hard since it looks like summer type weather has arrived.

And I just didn’t get the time or energy to do the voice recording of ‘Kaylie’s Smile’ - but I will, just not sure of how soon now it will happen.

I hope to have more to report on the up side of next Monday.

Until then, enjoy the rays - unless you are one of the many unlucky flood victims this spring - then break out the sand bags and hope the waters recede quickly and that you are covered by insurance.

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