Sunday, May 25, 2008

the big paul darcy audio check

Well, I finally got myself some gear that should allow me to post my short stories here in mp3 format and at a quality that won’t totally suck.

The microphone was the most expensive part of the operation (but was on for 60% off the 70% markup price), and, well since the Audacity software is free that is kinda obvious . . .

So, below is a link to my voice test - a short audio clip to see if it annoys you too much or sounds okay for future podcasts of my short stories. And, maybe it’s just me, but I thought at a few places I sounded like Kermit the Frog *waves spindly green arms in the air* for emphasis.

Please leave me a comment or two and let me know how it sounds so I don’t make a complete ass of myself . . . Half, Jack and Dumb I am willing to live with though . . .

Oh, and the audio level is a bit low on this (even though I did amplify) - I figured out how to correct is so I don’t sound like I’m ten miles away from the mic for the future.

So, here it is - The Big Paul Darcy Voice Check

let me know what you think.

Monday, May 19, 2008

digital thunder water

So the long weekend is here (for us Canadians, eh.) and the chores are about 128 feet high - coincidentally the height of Niagara Falls, the place we were for a couple days earlier this week.

But before I get to all those vile chores, I thought I would post some great stuff about to happen here at The Twisted Mind Emporium.


As you know I am a struggling writer - I struggle with my socks in the morning, struggle with weeds in the lawn and generally struggle to keep the house from looking like a land fill site - Oh, and I write some too.

My ‘Secret Project’ is coming along pretty well and is, as of today, mostly complete. Tweaking needs to happen now (as in rewriting) and also the method of presentation, which was to be a pitch letter, needed an overhaul.

Pitch letters are so, well, wordy and dull. So, to combat that form of tedium, I’ve decided (with the help of a friend who co-convinced me) to do the pitch in audio form.

And to do that one needs a device (not a computer - fans too damn noisy) to record your voice properly.

So, enter the house - a new toy - the digital voice recorder . . .

. . . see, I knew you would be excited.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means those short stories (at least my favs) sitting here at Twisted Mind, will get a genuine author read treatment - from me the author. How cool is that? So in future they will be available in two flavours - written words or spoken audio!

Okay, maybe it’s just me excited, but it’s another form for on-the-go types to catch my work without having to read words on a computer screen (which I personally hate myself). Just copy the mp3, inject it into your pod of choice and you are good to go.

And Reader’s Den may actually get an audio podcast of sorts in future, but that is just an idea at the moment.

Well, chores abound and my time is not unlimited.

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for the audio version of “Kaylie’s Smile” which I think I will do first.

But I may change my mind.

Monday, May 12, 2008

spam and clover

Well, after being locked out of my own damn blog for a week (because a google-bot flagged it as possible spam - can you believe it?) it feels good to be back.

And, after being sick as a dog for several days it feels good to be back to some semblance of health too.

But, my ‘Secret Project’ has taken a major hit because of illness and visits from relatives that demanded nightly visits plus weekends - mandatory visits every time I’m not at work or sleeping and you get the picture.

So where does this leave me? Well almost half the month is gone, but I have made a start on the project though it is turning out to be much shorter than I had first anticipated. I think it’s due in part to a great lack of inside information to properly put things down in words. I’m pretty good with fiction though but this particular venture needs more than made up stuff - it needs cold hard facts inserted to make it believable and sellable.

I’m striving to meet that goal but not sure how successful I’m actually being. I guess at the end of the month when it flies out of my electronic storage and into anothers, then I should know shortly thereafter whether my efforts have been in vain or managed to pull something off. I really want it to be good, funny and enlightening all at the same time. But, as a writer you know it is okay to suck on occasion. I just hope this is not one of those occasions. If this thing flies it will be so cool and fun to do but a huge, huge amount of work.

In shorter terms - no small task.

I have slated one hour per day to completing this endeavor for the rest of May. It should be enough. Come June, my novel needs a once, twice and perhaps thrice over before it becomes a published jewel . . . well, semi-precious stone them, my semi-precious, gollum . . .

Ahem - and there ends the writing update for the week(s).


Other mundanities besides sickness and visits has to do with tennis. As in, I’m playing my first league match this evening and I haven’t touched a racket since last August - this aught to be a barrel of fun. Most of the other people playing have the disposable income to play all winter long. Not so in my case.

Wish me luck, lots of it. I do expect to be trampled though. I only hope I don’t fall down on the court like an idiot. I really enjoy playing this game and will make the supreme effort for the team.

Have I mentioned that the clover I planted this year is growing like crazy? Yeah, clover - you grow girl! I love white clover almost as much as I hate lawn grass and am cheering the little sprouts every day while I water them.

Oh, and I’m so happy Ontario is banning cosmetic lawn pesticides - who needs this crap anyhow? Don’t we have enough toxins floating over from China already without liberally spraying our own around? So, a big hurray for getting rid of that crap forever in our neighborhood. Soon, all will come to realize that white clover is the only way to go. Suck it blue grass!

And I promised I wouldn’t mention work in this blog - but I can’t help myself. The top A-Hole of the universe (well my work universe) is coming back and actually will be on the same floor as me at work starting in June.

See this - it is my blood pressure rising. I must exercise maximum control not to drift this idiot in the face every time I see him . . .

Wish me luck.

Well, enough for now.