Monday, April 14, 2008

rat scratch fever

not to belittle Ted Nugent (very cool album cover though), but our little male rats are outdoing themselves in the dominance game and giving any feline scuffle a run for its money.

Finding bleeding, half-dead rats in your cage in the morning is not a fun time. It would seem our two new pets have each grown a pair, so to speak, and the result is a battle to the death to see who will rule the nest.

Two rats enter, one rat leaves . . .

Or something.

So, for the last several days we only put them in together for a limited supervised time so they don’t off each other.

Very annoying to say the least.

Still, keeping them separate seems the only solution. Oh, and Feather, the original rat is getting a kick out of his hormonal pals and generally stays out of their way - except for sleepy time (80 % of a rat’s life it seems anyhow) when they are content to squash each other into a heap of rat limbs and hair. Feather is getting on in rat years and not up to these foolish games anymore and I can relate.

I’m hoping that this excess aggressiveness wears thin in a couple of weeks or less after they grow up a bit more.

But, looking toward the human animal kingdom for examples - I’m not so sure if it ever really wears off.


Oh, and this week is the last of the crazy time around the homestead, so next week should see me getting a little more practice in on my word smithing.

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