Monday, April 07, 2008

o something

Oh, today’s blog post title refers to an obscure, but very funny (in my mind), line from a long gone sitcom. Let me explain briefly and you should get the show reference - Christina Applegate when asked “how do you spell off?”

Well, my life is sort of turmoily these days, but I’ve decided to try the ole - write-every-morning-thing - again and attempt to get back into the habit of it.

I mean, how can I call myself a writer if, well, I never write.

And I have added incentive now since I’ve entered into a challenge with somebody else (another crazy writer) to see who can get their first novel published first.

I want to win, you know, so I can strut about in his presence knowing who is the alpha writer in the pack . . .

Yeah, if you know me you know that ain’t true.

I’m taking the practical dogged approach to this. From June until November of this year I am editing the H out of my novel from last NaNoWriMo and then I’ll be writing another one this November - rinse and repeat.

Add in the insanity which is ScriptORaMo, or whatever it is called in April (not participating this year but will next year), and I should have my work cut out for me.

It is all necessary because before I know it I’ll be self employed . . .

A nice way of saying without a job and sitting at home hoping somebody will pay me for the work I think is worth doing.

And I have in the works (outside of writing) four very cool and fun activities planned over the next two years. Three are short trips and one is big including the whole family and even some friends. Since this is all in the planning stages I’ll leave off any details.

In fact you won’t know what they are or when they have happened until after the fact. I will be sure to blog about these fun times though after they happen.

And I have a promise to keep. My first signed published novel is intended for a certain person and it may be possible to hand it over to that person in person if I get it done on time. Talk about incentive there.

I can picture it now . . .

. . . ‘Um, well you see. You were to be the recipient of my first signed copy of my first published novel - but, um, since I am a lazy slacker who only dreams of becoming an author, um, you will have to take this signed napkin in lue of . . .


Oh, and you may have noticed that it is Monday and I have written a post.

Another “thing” I wish to keep up this year since “others” you know who you are Joe . . . have slacked off in the blog department.

I mean, there really are people out there who enjoy drinking coffee and reading other’s thoughts before buckling down to their mind-numbing cubicle hell-slave tedious inconsequential soul-sucking job activities . . .

Hell, I even read my own . . .

Well, not really.

I do write my own though - well at least when the gerbil writomatic wheel is on the fritz . . .

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