Monday, March 31, 2008

monkey tools

Ever wonder how happy Peter Pan would have been working in a coal mine?

Well, it would appear that flu season is coming to an end - at least I think so, but without microscopic vision I can’t irrefutably say that none are still lurking on dirty surfaces or floating in the air seeking entrance to my sinuses . . .

And as you have probably noticed this place has been rather quiet lately. Guess the coal mine has been effectively sucking my energies away - and no I do not wear green tights . . .

. . . only red.

My only, and I do mean only, ally at work is retiring in two weeks.

The coal mine will get even blacker as another canary goes away. But, as always, I will prevail for the allotted sentence time and then - poof - gone without a day's notice - they deserve no more than that.

On the up side of dismal - I'm still planning to edit my book starting in June (once the Monkey’s are finished working on my life with their wrenches) and taking some stabs at the “secret writing project” and maybe even dabbling in another short story or two for reading nights - oh,and participating in NaNo again this November.

But for now I’m riding the whirlpool of uncertainty, and as Heisenberg knew there really is no point observing things too closely for in doing so you will never get the whole picture and the act of observation itself will taint the results.

And so, I’ll continue to post reviews up at Reader’s Den, but not much else with regards to writing (unless you call these posts writing?) until things settle down.

And I will try, though I can’t promise, to post more than one damn time a month - that sounds just too much like . . .

. . . er, nevermind.

Family audience here perhaps.

As of tomorrow - 66 bottles, um, months to go or less.


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