Monday, January 21, 2008

habits ungood

It seems my novel cranking creation motivation has fled for the moment.

I think I’m burned out from Nano, X-Mas, the death of a pet and the long cold nights of winter and the cubicle hell which is my work week.

So, what is to be done?

Well I’ve revised my creation schedule “again”.

I know, this is becoming a bad habit. Still, better a bad habit than none at all.

I mean I could just sit on the couch and drink beer, eat pizza and watch TV until I drop dead of a heart attack, stroke or blood clot - so bad habit it is then as the lesser of two bad things.

Ahem - my new master plan is writing short fiction again to get back in the mood and save my Sci-Fi novel push for this November and Nano 2008.

You see, I’ve come to realize I’m good for about one novel a year. Nora Roberts I am not . . .

Okay, bad example. Piers Anthony then if you like.

But, you scream (like a girl), that is just laming out and not getting anything done.

Well, I retort (like a girl to mock you), starting now I’m going to crank out some new short fiction - something I have not done in many months.

Then, come sunny May 1st, I return to my Nano novel from 2007 and rewrite it with the idea that it will become my first sold novel (dreams big - think Titan, atmosphere, Huygens probe and all).

You see, much as I would like to pour all my energies into novel writing (much more difficult for me than short fiction), I can’t without burning the candle at both ends as well as the middle and sides . . .

. . . until what is left is a shapeless pool of carbon flecked wax with no purpose which then need to be scraped up with a sharp knife . . .

. . . kinda what I would resemble if I went the beer, pizza and TV route.

So, stay tuned for some short fiction pieces and a total rewrite of my post-apocalyptic novel this year (May-Nov) - as well as the first draft of my Sci-Fi novel in November during Nano 2008.

See, it’s not all bad . . . habits . . .

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