Monday, January 07, 2008

back to route nine

So the Holly-Days and New Year relaxation period - well my time off of work anyhow - is concluded and I was wondering if I learned anything which I could bring with me into the future - like a DMC-12, inlcuding the Mr. Fusion.

The vacation period was akin to a fun park complete with ice cream, scary clowns and rides that could kill or maim the elderly or those with heart conditions. I did manage to keep the weight gain down to a reasonable two pounds though.

That’s good, right?

As to being older and gaining wisdom in the past year? Well, every time I think I’m getting ahead in that department I find myself reflecting back and, though I look older and wiser, not much seems to have changed.

Maybe that is the stark reality mirror - complete with smudged fingerprints and speckeld splash dots of popped zits. If it is - well you can see why I prefer Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy fiction then.

So I sit on the shoulder of a side road now and look at the busy traffic racing by on route nine, the place I must go, but the scenery and temptations of just cruising the side roads forever is like a Siren’s call - must resist though, must do in this lifetime what must be done and where route nine will lead me.

Is this wisdom, or just the irritation of my one un-erupted wisdom tooth pressing on key ganglia in my lower brainpan?

I feel the answer will ever evade me, and seeking it will only make me crazy. Okay, more crazy. So . . .

. . . for just this one more day, I’ll explore the back streets, seek a few more amusements, and then tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I’ll fuel up the car and head out on rout(e n)ine . . .


What a wonderful word.

That one word encompasses so many things - like row, Tom and moo . . .

And 2008 is the year I finish my Sci-Fi novel, just to get mundane and let you know I really do have a goal.

No resolutions though, unless you count my computer monitor.

Hey, what’s that over there - it’s shiny.

Think I’ll check it out.

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