Monday, January 28, 2008


years I’ve been married.

Can you believe it?

I recall turning 19 and thinking - now I can drink legally.

And in the not too distant future I will have been married longer than I have not been married.

Time flies when you are having fun.

But it’s not all fun and games - there have been quite a few challenges as well.

Sickness and health really are not just arbitrary words in the standard vows.

But that is all part of the partnership - just about any partnership.

It’s about loving, sharing, forgiveness and tolerance of each other’s likes and dislikes.

I’m looking forward to the next 19 and beyond.

Now, off to have a great meal and celebrate.

Oh, writing - um, next week - I promise!

Monday, January 21, 2008

habits ungood

It seems my novel cranking creation motivation has fled for the moment.

I think I’m burned out from Nano, X-Mas, the death of a pet and the long cold nights of winter and the cubicle hell which is my work week.

So, what is to be done?

Well I’ve revised my creation schedule “again”.

I know, this is becoming a bad habit. Still, better a bad habit than none at all.

I mean I could just sit on the couch and drink beer, eat pizza and watch TV until I drop dead of a heart attack, stroke or blood clot - so bad habit it is then as the lesser of two bad things.

Ahem - my new master plan is writing short fiction again to get back in the mood and save my Sci-Fi novel push for this November and Nano 2008.

You see, I’ve come to realize I’m good for about one novel a year. Nora Roberts I am not . . .

Okay, bad example. Piers Anthony then if you like.

But, you scream (like a girl), that is just laming out and not getting anything done.

Well, I retort (like a girl to mock you), starting now I’m going to crank out some new short fiction - something I have not done in many months.

Then, come sunny May 1st, I return to my Nano novel from 2007 and rewrite it with the idea that it will become my first sold novel (dreams big - think Titan, atmosphere, Huygens probe and all).

You see, much as I would like to pour all my energies into novel writing (much more difficult for me than short fiction), I can’t without burning the candle at both ends as well as the middle and sides . . .

. . . until what is left is a shapeless pool of carbon flecked wax with no purpose which then need to be scraped up with a sharp knife . . .

. . . kinda what I would resemble if I went the beer, pizza and TV route.

So, stay tuned for some short fiction pieces and a total rewrite of my post-apocalyptic novel this year (May-Nov) - as well as the first draft of my Sci-Fi novel in November during Nano 2008.

See, it’s not all bad . . . habits . . .

Monday, January 14, 2008

sad goodbye and joyful hello

Well, we all knew this day would come.

And it is never easy. One of our beloved pets (Harry the rat) has passed away and left a deficit of friendly furry fun in our lives.

It was very quick so he didn’t suffer much and I suspect it was either a heart attack or stroke. He was fine when we went to bed and deathly ill when we woke up. He was so weak the last few hours of the morning we knew he wouldn’t last and all we could do was comfort him until the end.

We had a nice little ceremony for Harry and now he resides just off our deck in the flower bed. Next spring we will plant a flower for him . . .

. . . but, since he didn’t fight off any bears for us, I think we won’t plant a red fern - maybe a daisy, not to imply that he was feminine or anything - because he was all male rat - just because I can’t think of flower names other than daisy right now. Call me horticulturally challenged.

I’m going to miss the little guy an awful lot.

But, it’s time to introduce two more active little men to our rat’s nest. Snow and Fluffy join Feather now (the old man who was very unhappy to be alone for a couple days after Harry’s death) and they are getting along wonderfully.

It’s not hard to see who is boss of the cage. Feather is, after all, about six times the size of the new guys. When one of the little guys gets too feisty, Feather just steps on them until they behave.

Needless to say my writing has been sidetracked and I haven’t achieved anything much this week. I’ll see what I can get done in this one coming up.

Monday, January 07, 2008

back to route nine

So the Holly-Days and New Year relaxation period - well my time off of work anyhow - is concluded and I was wondering if I learned anything which I could bring with me into the future - like a DMC-12, inlcuding the Mr. Fusion.

The vacation period was akin to a fun park complete with ice cream, scary clowns and rides that could kill or maim the elderly or those with heart conditions. I did manage to keep the weight gain down to a reasonable two pounds though.

That’s good, right?

As to being older and gaining wisdom in the past year? Well, every time I think I’m getting ahead in that department I find myself reflecting back and, though I look older and wiser, not much seems to have changed.

Maybe that is the stark reality mirror - complete with smudged fingerprints and speckeld splash dots of popped zits. If it is - well you can see why I prefer Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy fiction then.

So I sit on the shoulder of a side road now and look at the busy traffic racing by on route nine, the place I must go, but the scenery and temptations of just cruising the side roads forever is like a Siren’s call - must resist though, must do in this lifetime what must be done and where route nine will lead me.

Is this wisdom, or just the irritation of my one un-erupted wisdom tooth pressing on key ganglia in my lower brainpan?

I feel the answer will ever evade me, and seeking it will only make me crazy. Okay, more crazy. So . . .

. . . for just this one more day, I’ll explore the back streets, seek a few more amusements, and then tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I’ll fuel up the car and head out on rout(e n)ine . . .


What a wonderful word.

That one word encompasses so many things - like row, Tom and moo . . .

And 2008 is the year I finish my Sci-Fi novel, just to get mundane and let you know I really do have a goal.

No resolutions though, unless you count my computer monitor.

Hey, what’s that over there - it’s shiny.

Think I’ll check it out.