Friday, November 30, 2007

one down one to go and two out

I should point out that I made the NaNoWriMo 2007 goal (50,000 plus words) three days before I needed to.

Yay for me and the others in our writing group that tried it and succeeded - that being all four of them including me.

It was fatiguing, but worth it I believe. I now have the task of editing the work (80 plus pages single spaced) into something somebody somewhere someday will pay me cash for.

That will take place sometime next year – as in Feb 1st 2008 to start the edit and rewrites after, I may add, I complete yet another novel (my Sci-Fi Thriller) by end of Jan 2008.

Wish me luck if you want, but it will be sheer pig-headed stubbornness and grunt work butt-in-chair that will get it done. Luck will come in later when it hits an agent’s or publisher’s desk and they see it is exactly the type of novel they are looking for . . .

And we are back to having mice in our attic again. Two trapped and released 20 miles away so far in three days. Deer mice this year, instead of house mice though, so it’s a change.

I hope I trap them all before they eat any more of my wiring.


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