Friday, November 30, 2007

one down one to go and two out

I should point out that I made the NaNoWriMo 2007 goal (50,000 plus words) three days before I needed to.

Yay for me and the others in our writing group that tried it and succeeded - that being all four of them including me.

It was fatiguing, but worth it I believe. I now have the task of editing the work (80 plus pages single spaced) into something somebody somewhere someday will pay me cash for.

That will take place sometime next year – as in Feb 1st 2008 to start the edit and rewrites after, I may add, I complete yet another novel (my Sci-Fi Thriller) by end of Jan 2008.

Wish me luck if you want, but it will be sheer pig-headed stubbornness and grunt work butt-in-chair that will get it done. Luck will come in later when it hits an agent’s or publisher’s desk and they see it is exactly the type of novel they are looking for . . .

And we are back to having mice in our attic again. Two trapped and released 20 miles away so far in three days. Deer mice this year, instead of house mice though, so it’s a change.

I hope I trap them all before they eat any more of my wiring.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

brutish and short

I know, I know; missed Monday by quite a bit this time.

Still, I have been plugging along on my NaNoWriMo 2007 novel and am now in a position to gloat about winning. Yup, no problems now to cross the finish line (50,000 words) with only 8500 more words to go and eight days left to do it in.

And, as an added bonus, the story I've created I actually like. But, once it is complete it is going into a dark drawer (well electronic file folder then) until I complete my sci-fi thriller novel - next on the schedule. Once that is complete I will go back and edit this one.

That should get me two novels in the pipe for possible sale sometime next year. My hope is before next NaNo where I will spring into another one.

I understand now that the "writing novels for a living" is actually damn hard and time consuming work. My hat goes off to all who manage this incredible feat - it truly is a tortuous way of life, but full of fun and ultimately satisfaction.

I hope.

Did I mention only 70 months to go starting December - worst case scenario - before the big cripple-cube exodus?

That very thought keeps my fingers on the keyboard and the smile (occasionally) coming to my face.

My ultimate goal is to work four hours a day and that is all with no damn commuting. Sound impossible? So did splitting the atom and landing on the moon, but those things did come about . . .

. . . in time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

toil and trouble

Yup, missed it by a day again, but that will be explained in the "trouble" section of this post.

So "Toil" is up first.

I'm getting a bit tired out - writing 2000 plus words every morning then going to the crippling day job is wearing me a bit thin. But I will prevail.

So, as you guessed, I have been able to maintain my planned 2000 words/day and the novel is coming along rather well.

I'm almost half-way there. This has, and forever shall be, a good exercise for me. I may do this every November just to get another novel in the editing-to-sell pipeline.

which brings me to the "Trouble" section.

One of our pet rats had a problem we noticed a few days ago. It would seem he was trying to grow a second head . . .

Well, that is what it looked like. Actually it was a abscess about the size of a grape just under his left ear. Not good, but keep in mind these "fancy rats" are direct decedents of "lab rats" which have been bred to contract tumors, cancer and other bad things so they can be studied.

And so, Harry, had to go in yesterday for a rat operation and have it drained/removed and cleaned.

He was a trooper I'm told and is recovering in a separate cage from his pal Feather. Feather is not happy about this as he is a very social rat. Still, it won't do to have Feather open the wound up on Harry's head while grooming and so for one more day they must only have contact with each other from behind bars.

Fun times, and did I mention rat operations are not free?

I need to start selling novels soon or eventually go bankrupt . . .

Okay, overstated, but who couldn't use extra coin?

Until next "Monday-which-may-be-Tuesday-again"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

boil and bubble

Well, missed the Monday update by one day.

But hey, at least the NoNoWriMo 2007 thingy is going very well.

I've managed to average over 2000 words per day, each day, for the last six. I'm actually falling comfortably into the routine and the story is unfolding as it should.

Could it be my destiny to make this kind of a thing into a paying career? No more crippling cubicle. Now that would be so cool.

And, despite my thinking otherwise - it does indeed appear as though I can conceive of and write an entire novel in 8 weeks.

And I thought only Nora Roberts could do it.

I was wrong.

Well, I best get cranking some more.

I'm actually having fun writing it too.


Just wish I would have thought of this as a career choice about twenty years ago.

Still, it is never to late or never to soon to never say never again.