Monday, September 10, 2007

in my shorts

This is where I’m most comfortable. You can read the headline two ways and both would be true. I wear long pants only for work and in the winter – and today was the start of fun again as I began another short . . . story.

There is something in my nature that just cries out “short story” and cries about “novels”. It sort of pisses me off because my brain works in such grandiose-plot-world-creation ways that I should be able to create a super cool epic novel . . .

Still, shorts are easiest for me to wear and write and my brain seems wired for both.

Now, this does not exclude novels from my bag of tricks, it just means they will be worked on in fits and starts.

And say, isn't this actually Monday . . . I better watch that - could turn into a bad habit.

And speaking of going off on tangents (was I, well maybe in my own skull) - Tolkien himself was writing Lays of Beleriand and the Hurin stuff (I think) when he took a couple of decades off (yes, decades) to squeeze in something – you may recognize it – called “The Lord of The Rings”.

Did your drink just come out your nose? Yeah, me and Tolkien.

We have the love of good pint of draft in common at least . . .

. . . Well, if the draft is non-alcoholic these days.

Which brings me to the weight loss thingy.

Can you believe I’ve been consistently less than 170 pounds now for almost one month? I’ve been tipping the scales more like 167 these days – only 2 pounds off my ultimate goal.

And to think that about one year ago I recall stepping on the scale and seeing 189. something and thinking – man that is getting out of control.

So a big WooHoo for me from me.

And yes, new material for reading night is assured. I’m not sure exactly what it will be, but I hope it will at least entertain somewhat.

Oh, and it will be short.

Because shorts rule!

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