Friday, August 17, 2007

do not outweigh mine

Enter selfish mode.

Been a pretty good summer so far - outside of work that is.

Tennis has been good, if sometimes painful. My weight is now under 170 and still falling (hoping to hit 160-165), and the sun has been shining more than it did last year.

So - all good.

I'm currently reviewing a novel outline I've put together a few months back and have made a decision.

I'm going to tackle it starting this September and complete one chapter each month (first draft of one chapter per month).


Well, in 74 months or less I will be a free agent and need to be doing something other than what it is I'm doing now. Something I can do without bosses and irritations - master of my own destiny.

Writing this novel is going to be tough though. I've been there before (three other times not including the Star Trek novel on this blog I wroter in 1994) only to stall out and fizzle away.

I can't let that happen.

You see, one day I have this funny dream of signing my novel at a big Sci-Fi convention in Toronto.

It's a dream I really want to make happen.

But, it's going to be tough and long and arduous and (insert pain word of choice).

It will take all of my self control to stay the course. I've failed in the past. I don't want to fail again.

I hope I've learned a bit along the way.

Wish me luck.

And Joe and Tannah - great progress - don't give up - ever!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the needs of the many

yada, yada . . .

Something I deal with every day - day in - day out.

Let's talk hypothetical here, shall we.

When is it not okay to follow logic, rational thought? Ever? Sometimes? Never?

The stuff of great agonizing and I'm sure the stuff which started many feuds, perhaps even wars.

Where does one's sense of duty end and one's sense of selfishness begin? Do they, or can they, even overlap to some degree.

I'm a great planner though all my many plans may never see fruition.

I'm also a great honor bound individual, striving with integrity to uphold what I believe to be just and right.

This does not always sit well with me, but it is the something with which my very fabric is sewn.

Does this post have a point?

I'll explore one more idea, then leave off for the day.

Is it selfish to love eating fish? In and of itself it seems like the answer would be no.

But what if 9 billion people love to eat fish? Then what? To observe each individual and say - that is not selfish - is not to look at the whole and realize that 9 billion consumers will soon empty the seas.

So, how do you view the needs of the many here vs the needs of the individual?

What is the solution?

Who is to leave off eating fish and who is to continue - and who decides and how does it get enforced?

And who is to say the alternative is going to be better than the original.

Now, I need another cup of coffee . . .

. . . What I mean is, now I want another cup of coffee.

Selfish of me, or is it?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a load off

Well, I think I'm on my way to reducing my unnecessary body bulk.

I'm hovering around 173 these days and feeling much better than I did a few months ago when I was tipping the scales around 180.

It's tough in your 40s to keep the weight off. Here's how I've been managing it so far.

Trying really hard not to eat crap food - chips, processed foods, cookies, ice cream, etc. Been working well.

Been trying to get in a good deal of exercise at least 5 times a week. This would be say, two hours of tennis, or a 50 minute fast walk about the town. This, I'm sure, is the key to reducing fat and keeping it off.

And lastly I've been drinking more water than I ever have before. I hate drinking water, really I do, but it helps your metabolism and keeps the solids flushing out - if you know what I mean.

So, if you are like me, getting no younger but wanting to drop the beer belly, give it a go.

And speaking of beer belly - I don't drink wine or beer anymore either. Wasted calories and cash and don't need to be "more" addle minded than I already am.

Trying to hit my target of 165.

Don't know if I'll get there - but it's all about the journey or some such rot anyhow.