Saturday, July 21, 2007

f-ing off the net

for three whole glorious days!

Yup, after leaking pipes, mind-numbing work and general gotta-get-outta-here feelings, it is time for a short family vacation.

So, off to a resort up north for three days to swim, read a good book or two, do not-much and stay away from computers altogether.

Ah, can't wait to leave in a few hours.

But, as appealing as falling off the net is . . .

. . . you just know,

I'll be back.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

oh danny boy

the pipes are blowing . . .

. . . in my basement.

Yup, woke up yesterday to a great cup of java, and a huge leak in the ceiling of the basement.

So, spent some quality time cutting drywall and sopping up water.


But, Reader's Den has a face lift and is looking great.

So, all was not in vain.

Hey, lightning and thunder. I better get - - -

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a boy and his blog

Once upon a time there was a blog, but not just any blog, but a blog of consequence.

Sounds great, in theory - but at 70,000 blogs created each hour, I wonder how many do have consequence? Perhaps the sheer volume alone says something about our species.

And so I sit and ponder my space and time and wonder if the two really are connected or are separate, like oil and helium. Is this my beautiful house and is that my beautiful wife? How did I get here?

I tell myself there are those who wonder in looking for something, but they come mostly from google. Are they satisfied? Do they leave with a sour taste in their mouth or tripping down the aisle gleefully overjoyed at what they have found? I really don’t know, and really - should I?

And why the hell is ginormous now in Websters? How low have we sunk to be using that? Why not an alternative, like say - using the words enormous or gigantic instead? Seems so much simpler to me if less Whedonesque . . .

But these are not simple times we are told. At least we are informed to believe that. I’ve read it after a google search - so it must be the truth.

So I sit and ruminate about the workings and worth of my blog. Mindless algorithms analyze this site to try and satisfy their human masters while I ruminate about what it is I want to ruminate about - or is that ruinate?

If you have read this far you are a trooper. Thanks for taking the time in this complicated, busy world. I’ve won from over 70,000 blogs this hour.


Beware - here follow mundanities.

Tennis last night went well if it was not a struggle to pull out a tiebreaker win. Yup, that would make two weeks in a row of doubles victories. We won 6-7, 6-3 and then a tiebreaker victory of 8-6 points.

The last point has me rushing across the net to intercept an high backhand volley which I promptly pounded off the sideline for the win. Damn that felt good. Made up for the seventy or so missed shots all the points before . . .

My one bit of sorrow over all this is that my daughter’s baseball is the same night so I have to miss seeing her play.

On to cubicle life and the torture it is. Now, I may not be the slipperiest soap in the bottle, but why do I have to deal with stupid people all the time? Is this everyone’s experience in the workplace these days? I wonder how many others find me stupid as well. If I appear stupid it is only because the way to promotion is through incompetence. I’m giving it a go.

Well, I’m going to leave off now. Sorry for those few who actually come here looking for new posts instead of from google.

I’ll try to be better about leaving some scraps under the table.


The truth may be out there, but I bet by the time I find it, it will be so twisted as to be unrecognizable as such.

I’m just a boy and his blog, struggling to find the meaning of it all in this post-apocryphal world.