Tuesday, May 22, 2007

meeting the challenge

So there I was, writing this morning.

I put on my computer music, sucked away at my fresh ground coffee (less the roasted black mustard seed) and got to it.

And "all" of my computer music is copied from CDs I own - so go sue somebody else please.

After about 45 minutes, to my surprise, I was done another short story.

Which now has me wondering if I am a short story writer instead of the other stuff you can write.

Maybe it just comes naturally, or I feel confident, or it is something I can bang off quickly before the caffeine buzz dies away . . .

. . . whatever the cause, I have a story for our next gathering.

Heck, I may even post it here after that.

And I guess I need to keep writing stuff on this blog if I expect paying customers (as in paying attention) to show up.

Now, back to work.

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