Monday, April 16, 2007

ABCD EFG HIJK ah screw it

Once again the bell tolls,

Which means absolutely nothing to this post.

Ramble – to spew on about nothing, gibber, cast about opinions like Mr. twisters . . .

Have you ever heard this one?

How can you learn if you never make any mistakes . . .

Well, if you never make any mistakes then obviously you have nothing left to learn. Of course Kirk would argue Spock's logic on that one.

And so the wheel turns once more crushing those unfortunate enough to be beneath.

Where was I?

I wonder sometimes if Blogger is pissed at me for using a Yahoo account. Meh.

So the rats got a new “HUGE” cage this weekend and appear to be very happy about it. It’s a three story funhouse where our two boys can frolic and do rat things.

We stocked it with a chewable tube, wine box and another box made from packing material – plus a huge hammock built from the pant leg of my old jeans.

Spoiled rotten – but why not.

Been “not writing” the last week. Sort of a nice break actually.

Will be back at it sometime mid-May.

Until then I’m spending time doing whatever I feel like.

And calculating in my head the move to hyperspace, er, new career coming in the following years (which will no doubt fly by).

Until next Monday when I tell you about how I didn’t write again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

strange days ahead

The light at the end of the tunnel, though turned off for indefinite maintenance, is still in place and functional - waiting for the switch.

I recall mentioning that my “imminent” career change was finished, as in not going to happen due to various circumstances.

Well, it would appear as though I spoke (or wrote) too soon.

You see, plans are in place to make it a go despite possible catastrophic backlashes. Okay, I just wanted to use the words “catastrophic” and “backlashes” in the same sentence.

And I did it twice, which is probably once too many.

So, you ask, when is this momentous occasion going to occur?

Um, er, well . . .

. . . there is this irritating little thing called a mortgage, it is sort of like a parasite - leaching away earnings almost faster than I can make them.

Well, that particular black hole will implode upon itself in the year 2013 - I have this from a good source - Dr. Wassupubut who has carefully inspected the situation and, I may add, is not generally full of crap.

So, that said, looks like 2013 will be the absolute deadline for the switch. The more I think about it, the cooler the idea becomes. I actually think my health will improve once I escape my current “sit-in-a-cubicle-until-I-am-mentally-and-physically-crippled” job.

And I swore I would never go back to school . . .

Of course, I also swore I would never weigh more than 180 pounds or get married or have children . . .

Oh, and why the blog today?

Well, with my “big project” on hold until the storm blows by, my writing itch is getting scratched here . . .

Who knows, I may even spew once a day all week - really screw this blog over.

More snippets to come this week.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi 8 Us

Oh, darn.

Missed posting on Monday again.

But it was a Holiday - so what can ya do?

The Easter rabbit showed up again this year hid a ton of chocolate which the little one promptly found (starting at 5:30 AM) after following many clues on pieces of paper - I can feel my belly growing larger as I write this.

Why, oh why rabbit? Why not some carrots instead?

Keep that in mind for next year will you?

I’m enjoying my little “calm before the” relative invas . . ., er, visit. Okay, I’m obsessing a bit about it, but you just don’t know what it’s like.

Every. Single. Day. We. Must. Visit.

I have a life too and a full-time day job.

But do they understand . . .

. . . That would be a BIG NO. Oh, and please eat up your three kilograms of ham, and don’t forget to finish the twelve cabbage rolls too, and save room for the pie and ice cream and . . .

Somebody just kill me with a rusty saw - it will be much less painful.

Oh, I do love them, but still . . .

I’m going to need to go to a Science Fiction convention to escape my reality after this. I may even need to go in costume - maybe One Ton or The Blob?

And yes, the novel is fully planned, but waiting until Hurricane “Relation” passes and the mess is cleaned up.

And speaking of mess clean-up, I spent a bunch of time yesterday cleaning up my lair. It is an impossible task I know, but I did manage to clear off two of the four tables and I found a buried half-finished Babylon 5 Station model.

No, really.

Now that I blew the dust off of it, I will need to finish it. I think I started it when I was twelve . . .

Well, must get ready for the my daily grind so that’s it from me for another whole week.

I know, typing to the void.

Until next Monday (or Tuesday, or . . .)

Keep writing, reading and doing the laundry - I mean just give your bed sheets a sniff.

See, I told you.

Monday, April 02, 2007

mighty distractions and aliments

Yeah, after hiding out for a two weeks it’s about time I coughed up a post isn’t it?

*cough cough*

Well, a couple of weeks ago I started writing my first draft by using old drafts which didn’t really fit well with my new plans . . .

. . . and it ended in ruination.

I spent about one week trying to force the three chapters I had started (long ago) into some kind of shape it was not meant to take and realized after all that effort, I was going to just have to start all over again anyhow.

So that is what I had planned to do . . .

. . . but some things which are meant to stay hidden . . . er, um . . .

Let me just say it was the plague come to call. Our little one got a soar throat and fever and didn’t get much sleep - and neither did I. She was cultivating a lovely bacteria in her throat.

All that getting up at 5:00 AM when I’ve already been up at 2 and 3 and 4 began to wear me down and I found making the effort to write on top of this household crisis was just too much.

So I foundered and spent most of the last week catching up on sleep instead of cranking out first drafts.

You knew this was coming didn’t you?

And, to not let a good thing get away, I finally went to see the doctor about something which has been bothering me for more than two months now - and it was not what I thought it might be.

I’ll know more after this week when I get my ultrasound (no I’m not pregnant - I think) and then over the next couple of weeks once my doctor has had time to review the data.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t distraction enough, my folks are coming down for two and half million . . . , um, weeks to visit coinciding with the little one’s birthday. Oh and the Easter bunny comes this weekend too . . .

I’m in a bit of a mental and physical mess right now.

And the car is off lease in three weeks when I will then need to jump through fiery hoops while juggling axes bouncing one footed on a rubber beach ball to get the discounts my company says I’m entitled to (forms, calls, forms, blood samples, more calls, verification numbers, forms) . . .

You would actually think they make it so damn hard to buy the car that they want you to get frustrated and go buy a Honda or Toyota instead.

So, what does all this ongoing and impending crap have to do with my writing plans? Screwed them over royally.

Suffice it to say that I won’t be rising at 5:00 to crank away this month - too much on the mind and in the body going on to tackle the first draft.

It is going to have to wait until all things settle down in May.

I will also try to make Monday’s happen for sure, even if it is to say “urp” or something.

Until then,

Keep writing - somebody has to pick up the slack.