Monday, March 19, 2007

you feel a draft in here?

I don’t.

Not quite anyhow.

You see, I was supposed to start “THE FIRST DRAFT” this morning,

But . . .

. . . the smallest human member of our family has been suffering the dreaded “Horkus Upallanitus” and sleep is something I haven’t gotten much of the last two days.

So, I slept in this morning to try to catch up.

Which means, if the little one sleeps well tonight (let me hope) I will be springing into first draft mode tomorrow AM.

Wish me luck – or better yet, a good night’s sleep this eve.

Now, I think I should set myself a page number writing goal and refuse to leave my lair for work until it is done.

I’m “thinking” three pages per morning is appropriate.

“Doing” may be another matter – but I will try.

So, by my own measures, I should have a full 15 pages plus by next week’s update.

My hands suddenly got clammy, and my breath is coming is small short gasps . . .

For those who have written a first draft you will understand that trepidation. First drafts are perhaps the hardest mental (and sometimes physical) tortures man (or woman) can inflict on themselves short of mind melding with and insane Vulcan or a bullet to the brainpan.

This, is not suggested nor endorsed by this site.

Well, I feel your mouse-finger twitching to change the channel.

Happy surfing – and tune in next week when I either,

A) heap loads of excuses upon you for not meeting my goals or,

B) heap loads of excuses upon you for not . . . oh, already did that.

Just tune in next week – if you like.

Keep writing, and agonizing, and . . .

I’ll just shut up now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

mining the net


Monday already.

I’ve spent the past week on the internet . . .

. . . but not goofing around – actually doing research for my novel.

I know, probably not the best place, but it is going to be a Science–FICTION, so artistic license on what I uncover should be allowed to some extent. And some of what I am going to write about is, well, not hard science anyhow but an extrapolation of quasi-physics. If I screw it up badly I don’t think anyone will be able to point a finger and say – that won’t work, because, well, nobody knows for sure.

So all that surfing the past week means I have almost concluded the research bit - and now need to concentrate more on character interactions and motives. For me, I think this is the hardest part. I'm not that good with people - really.

So, this week will be taken up doing just that. And, when that is done, I’m going to set up a character chapter interaction chart so I know who meets whom when, etc – a handy tool to let you know if your main characters are showing up more/less and if they are driving the story forward or not.

I do hope all this planning will make the writing process (hoping to start next week) a whole lot easier.

And I have chapter outlines – but have kept them as outlines because I know from history, once the first draft starts to spew forth the best laid plans mutate - to say the least.

On a side note our reading/writing group met on Saturday and had a very good night of it. Only one regular member was absent (visiting mommy for home cooking – jealous) so we had a lot of material and a lot of fun.

If you write I would highly suggest finding a reading/writing group to attend.

Well, I best get back at it.

Until next Monday.

Monday, March 05, 2007

arse in chair

Well then,

Another Monday review of the vast and prolific writing life . . .

. . . in my mind.

Well, in my mind right now of course - but fairly soon to transfer to the page and then the published form.

I had a pretty productive week actually. Much more planning was accomplished and I did not give in to evil urges and turn on the infernal desktop machine during writing time at all. I have forgotten just how productive I can be on my old laptop.

I’ve resorted to using my MP3 player though, which I must confess, is inferior to my desktop’s array of 200 hours or more of music. Still, can’t touch it during writing time so that is that then.

Oh I could transfer the music over to my laptop, but that would need to be done another time - time I don’t really seem to have endless quantities of.

So, for now it’s the MP3 which fills my ears with tunes.

As to the project itself, I am making quick headway and believe that I should be starting the actual writing process by April.

Well, as I mentioned, time is short so I’ll leave off here.

I do have a ton of internet searching to do on technical stuff so I can infuse it into my tale without sounding like I’m completely making it all up.

Until next Monday when I have even more information on my writing project . . .

So, keep writing, reading and doing that math thing – if you are so inclined.