Monday, February 26, 2007

laptop temptations and blue crayons

Much has occurred since my last post in my myopic world of writing.

The plan is still intact – science fiction novel looking to be about 16 to 18 chapters with the first draft complete by year’s end.

I’m still getting up every weekday morning at 5:15 AM, which allows me a good hour or more of writing before work.

So what has changed?

Well, I am not using my desktop computer anymore. It is off limits during my writing time.

I have reverted back to my old laptop. Windows 98SE, WordPerfect version 7, and absolutely no games – they have all been purged.

Oh, and internet access is not even an option on the beast.

How is it going?

Well, with a sample size of one day, I can say it is a complete success.

Punishment for non-compliance?

Shaving my head bald and painting it blue . . .

. . . or not. Actually I have a modest budget each week to spend on books, DVDs, and blue crayons.

If I even so much as turn on my desktop computer during writing time – the weekly budget is gone!

No kidding. Now, this takes a whole bunch of self-control - self-control which was obviously not there when I was using my desktop computer for writing.

The temptation to log in and just check my email, update Windows, play a game, etc – was too damn great.

So, I’m trying this new plan on for size. I have pretty good willpower when I make up my mind to do something.


Bonus number 1 – if the power goes out before I have saved (it has happened before) I won’t lose anything.

Bonus number 2 – I’m back to using my ergonomic keyboard which I like way more than my flat one.

So, when I get this book published I can have a good laugh about using outdated technology to do it on.

And if the laptop route fails me – I will go to graph paper and pencil (my method from eons ago) . . .

. . . and not my idea of fun. The idea of reverting back to paper and pencil, I think, is enough to keep me on this plan.

Until next week when you will know if I did unspeakable things to the pooch,

or behaved and chose the right fork in the road.

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