Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is the sky really falling

Well, if you read the local papers and watch the local news you sure would believe it to be true.

CO2 levels rising, ice sheets snapping off and floating out to sea. Bird flu, aids, wars, etc . . .

Doomsayers have always been with us.

Doomsayers love to spout their doom in your face.

This post is not meant to rebuff all the great scientific work which has been conducted over the past hundred or more years on global warming, deforestation, and pesticide abuse, but rather take a step away from the immediate and examine the psych of the human race and our place in the universe.

Sounds rather grand doesn’t it. And by even attempting such a thing you must find me a pompous know-it-all.

But I’m not.

I do know one thing with absolute certainty though. I know that I don’t have all the facts – but neither do the so called experts.

So, we are screwing up the Earth and everything on it then. Are we, really? Well, how about this for a thought . . . We are indigenous. We belong here. So?

So, whatever we do to ourselves or this planet or our immediate solar system neighbours – is completely natural. Think about it. Nuclear bombs, DDT, Mars rovers, wars, etc - all a natural process of the indigenous life on Earth.

But that doesn’t solve anything you scream . . . I’m not hear to solve, only to philosophize today. But if you want to feel better about your place on the globe, do two things for me. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in your home, and drive a new fuel efficient car.

And yes, we may – or may not necessarily – be killing off all kinds of life on Earth. But so did a honking big asteroid some 35 million years ago. That puppy appears to have killed about 80% of all life on Earth. 80%. To date, our best poisons and biggest wars didn’t even come close to scratching that kind of number.

And global warming? Please . . . From where I am sitting (literally) only ten thousand years ago there would have been about two miles of ice above my head.


And you thought shoveling the driveway yesterday sucked. So, what happened to it? I guess it must have been all those SUV’s driven by our ancient ancestors that made it all melt – right?

And so where is all this leading you ask? Well, ultimately when our sun turns into a red dwarf star the Earth will likely not be able to sustain one scrap of life, except perhaps some extremely hardy bacteria. Sorry cockroaches – you will be toast as well.

Dead as dead can be. And not just you and I, but most everything. No 80% part-of-the-way-there wipeout. We are talking the grand snuff. The oceans will boil away, the atmosphere will bleed into space and all our crying about rain forests and CO2 levels and stock market performances will be moot.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Pretty accurate description of what Earth will be like then at the end of our sun’s lifetime.

And then, millions and millions of years after that, with the universe expanding, we will enter a time of utter heat death anyhow. The universe will be as close to absolute zero as it can get. Even those hardy bacteria will not survive.

Was it Marley (the singer not the one in chains) who wrote, “Be happy, don’t worry”. I can’t recall. Still, the message is a good one.

I apologize for today’s post getting all deep and such. I am just a bit sick of listening to and hearing how the sky is falling, how we are screwing up the world, how we are all going to die horribly either through disease or war or global catastrophe.

And don’t believe everything you read – please. Do your own research, and just because Dr. Soinso says something – does not mean he or she is right.

And the answer was really 41.9997399875939903893. Deep Thought just rounded it off for our convenience.

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