Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, you may be wondering why I’ve not posted in a while.


Access - Denied!

You see, for a good long time I have been doing what most any good employee has been doing - posting from work.

Well, no more.

I can view my blog, but can’t log in to do anything with it.

Blocked, I think it’s called.

So - I need to rethink my posting schedule. Or whether I’m going to eat up writing time (like right now) posting here . . .

A quandary for sure.

I don’t’ want to just give up on this little bit of intellectual real-estate, but I also don’t what to spend quality writing time blithering on about things when I should be writing . . .

I’ll post again once I have this sordid business sorted.

For a quick writing update though - I have been planning my big project and should begin the “actual writing” process in February.

And one other quick item. I was over at and happened to notice a few user videos by some Japanese guy. Premise is non-animated dolls (very well done) and the name of the doll’s family is The Fuccons - I think it is pronounced just like it looks. Um, not exactly family viewing but not outright rude either . . .

Yeah, go there and watch a couple. You will laugh . . . If you have the same sense of humour as me.

And, when I get time in this life, I feel like dragging out my old collection of G.I. Joes and coming up with something similar . . .

Hey, a guy can multitask - as long as he does it one task at a time.

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