Saturday, December 29, 2007

mid-break meh

Well here I am more than half way through my ‘break’ from the slave pits and it is going way too fast.

Today is perogie day - yum. It got postponed because of a visit by family, which included a 1 and 2 year old . . .

. . . yes the house is still being repaired and the ornaments on the lower half of the tree are missing - likely inside two small bellies or lodged in places I will discover when I least expect to - like sitting on the couch or looking in the fridge.

As with all holidays, it seems, I have about ten minutes to type this up and then it is off to mash potatoes and grate cheese, then downtown to mail some stuff, do some last minute grocery shopping, etc, etc.

I thought ‘breaks’ were for, you know, having a ‘break’.

Next year I am saving about four weeks of my vacation so I can loaf about for a month instead of a week and a half - which, I know, is no reason to gripe since a lot of working folk only get a day off here and there during this time.

Well, don’t want the taters to go to mush.

Happy “insert-what-you-like” to you!

I best get back to the hot stove.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

har har har

my pirate’s holiday solstice cheer . . .

Because, you know, I wouldn’t want to offend any sensitive person out there who happened to read this post - but now that I think about it - I probably just irritated the hell out of some pirates . . .

. . . can’t win I guess.

So let’s see,

- out with Santa’s knees (not with a two by four, more like no more sitting on them),

- out with Christmas trees named Douglas,

- out with presence (you should perform exorcism at least three times a week - it's good for you)

- out with wishing people nasty things like, (I wish you would go &^$% yourself, or I wish you would drop dead - or the absolute worst verbal offense EVER - I wish you a Merry Christmas.)

- out with all beliefs in Devine Beings (Christ was just some guy, Buddha was just some guy but fatter, Zeta Reticulans are aliens so not guys, that other guy was just some guy, and Guy is pronounced “gee” so is not some ‘guy’ but rather some ‘gee’ so is disqualified from this list.)

- out with Christmas cake (I think this one just plain speaks for itself - shudder)

. . . that about covers it, but I will self-flagellate for a while in case I offended anybody just to be safe. See, I am suffering for you . . . Oh no, that will likely lead to no good . . .

So, if you celebrate - or not - have a happy Har Har Har, even though now is just some non-significant time of year which happens to maybe, or maybe not, coincide with events that may, or may not, be called magic thighs . . . or something . . .

Oh, and I’m taking this month off writing to, um, not-celebrate or wish people anything . . .

What? Oh, that lit up thing just inside the house in front of the window is - er, it’s a school project about electrical safety and pretty lights . . .

Oh, and those colourful boxes and bags underneath, are, um, exercises in visual stimulation to help cortical corneal development for our, um, rats . . . yeah, that’s it . . .

Now, no more questions please, the stress of conforming to the lowest common denominator and appeasing the sensitivities of the entirety of humanities beliefs is taking its toll . .

Monday, December 10, 2007

novel and not novel concepts

With NaNoWriMo 2007 behind me, and the future of novels ahead of me, I find myself believing in the power of self again.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that if you really believe in something strongly enough you can and will ‘eventually’ make a difference and achieve the goals that you set your mind and body to doing - barring some major setback of course - like death. But, short of that end, it can, and will, be done.

If you need to spend money on “The Secret” instead of heeding my free advice here, then go ahead - its your coin. But you want to know the real secret? There isn’t one. Anyhow . . .

. . . It becomes increasingly obvious to me, as I continue on through life’s journey, that other human beings around us (well most anyhow) like to poo in your porridge as often and as grossly as possible. Why this is may be explained by issues of self - not ‘yourself’ but ‘themself.’ Let them foul their own nests, but keep your own clean by hanging a ‘do not want’ sign out front and ignoring these Naysayers.

But they can be pretty hard to ignore though - so in order to proceed with your master plan - any plan - you must understand the negative people around you and realize just how powerless they truly are to affect your goals. They like to feed our inner trolls, which exist in each of us, chewing on our dreams like rats in the walls. If you dreams are fragile those fueled critters can have a devastating effect. But if your dreams are made of adamantine, well those fed and ravaging rats are going to do nothing but dull their own teeth and eventually sit back and watch the show - what else are they going to be able to do?

So, plans to get my (yup, all about me again) second novel completed are well underway. Chapter one is already in the bag with Chapter two closing in behind it swiftly and all chapters are plotted (at a high level) and ready to be written.

I’m slowing the pace a bit since the pace from NaNoWriMo was a bit much with a full time job and family obligations. So, instead of 2000 words/day I’ve scaled back to 500 words/day. This should see my latest novel complete by March 2008.

That will make two novels written by next year which I will then rewrite, edit and flog.

To hell with outer Naysayers and inner rats - I’m going to get my stuff on the shelves (cyber or real) before I drop dead. And since I plan to live until I’m 90, and write one complete novel per year, you should be seeing a total of 47 novels to my name before the final curtain falls.

Yeah, go ahead and scoff, buy your troll food at the Naysayer's stall - but all you will get from me is a pointing hand (middle finger) showing you the sign . . .

And hey, it’s even Monday.

Friday, November 30, 2007

one down one to go and two out

I should point out that I made the NaNoWriMo 2007 goal (50,000 plus words) three days before I needed to.

Yay for me and the others in our writing group that tried it and succeeded - that being all four of them including me.

It was fatiguing, but worth it I believe. I now have the task of editing the work (80 plus pages single spaced) into something somebody somewhere someday will pay me cash for.

That will take place sometime next year – as in Feb 1st 2008 to start the edit and rewrites after, I may add, I complete yet another novel (my Sci-Fi Thriller) by end of Jan 2008.

Wish me luck if you want, but it will be sheer pig-headed stubbornness and grunt work butt-in-chair that will get it done. Luck will come in later when it hits an agent’s or publisher’s desk and they see it is exactly the type of novel they are looking for . . .

And we are back to having mice in our attic again. Two trapped and released 20 miles away so far in three days. Deer mice this year, instead of house mice though, so it’s a change.

I hope I trap them all before they eat any more of my wiring.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

brutish and short

I know, I know; missed Monday by quite a bit this time.

Still, I have been plugging along on my NaNoWriMo 2007 novel and am now in a position to gloat about winning. Yup, no problems now to cross the finish line (50,000 words) with only 8500 more words to go and eight days left to do it in.

And, as an added bonus, the story I've created I actually like. But, once it is complete it is going into a dark drawer (well electronic file folder then) until I complete my sci-fi thriller novel - next on the schedule. Once that is complete I will go back and edit this one.

That should get me two novels in the pipe for possible sale sometime next year. My hope is before next NaNo where I will spring into another one.

I understand now that the "writing novels for a living" is actually damn hard and time consuming work. My hat goes off to all who manage this incredible feat - it truly is a tortuous way of life, but full of fun and ultimately satisfaction.

I hope.

Did I mention only 70 months to go starting December - worst case scenario - before the big cripple-cube exodus?

That very thought keeps my fingers on the keyboard and the smile (occasionally) coming to my face.

My ultimate goal is to work four hours a day and that is all with no damn commuting. Sound impossible? So did splitting the atom and landing on the moon, but those things did come about . . .

. . . in time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

toil and trouble

Yup, missed it by a day again, but that will be explained in the "trouble" section of this post.

So "Toil" is up first.

I'm getting a bit tired out - writing 2000 plus words every morning then going to the crippling day job is wearing me a bit thin. But I will prevail.

So, as you guessed, I have been able to maintain my planned 2000 words/day and the novel is coming along rather well.

I'm almost half-way there. This has, and forever shall be, a good exercise for me. I may do this every November just to get another novel in the editing-to-sell pipeline.

which brings me to the "Trouble" section.

One of our pet rats had a problem we noticed a few days ago. It would seem he was trying to grow a second head . . .

Well, that is what it looked like. Actually it was a abscess about the size of a grape just under his left ear. Not good, but keep in mind these "fancy rats" are direct decedents of "lab rats" which have been bred to contract tumors, cancer and other bad things so they can be studied.

And so, Harry, had to go in yesterday for a rat operation and have it drained/removed and cleaned.

He was a trooper I'm told and is recovering in a separate cage from his pal Feather. Feather is not happy about this as he is a very social rat. Still, it won't do to have Feather open the wound up on Harry's head while grooming and so for one more day they must only have contact with each other from behind bars.

Fun times, and did I mention rat operations are not free?

I need to start selling novels soon or eventually go bankrupt . . .

Okay, overstated, but who couldn't use extra coin?

Until next "Monday-which-may-be-Tuesday-again"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

boil and bubble

Well, missed the Monday update by one day.

But hey, at least the NoNoWriMo 2007 thingy is going very well.

I've managed to average over 2000 words per day, each day, for the last six. I'm actually falling comfortably into the routine and the story is unfolding as it should.

Could it be my destiny to make this kind of a thing into a paying career? No more crippling cubicle. Now that would be so cool.

And, despite my thinking otherwise - it does indeed appear as though I can conceive of and write an entire novel in 8 weeks.

And I thought only Nora Roberts could do it.

I was wrong.

Well, I best get cranking some more.

I'm actually having fun writing it too.


Just wish I would have thought of this as a career choice about twenty years ago.

Still, it is never to late or never to soon to never say never again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

monster chiller theater

Don’t know why I am reminded of “Slinky from Hell” right now, but there you have it - a random firing of the synapsis causing an obscure recall episode.

Anyhoo - tis three days away from “Write as much as you possibly can in 30 days” time.

My novel is still in the semi-gelatinous form (like an immature Shoggoth) but will likely sprout the adult tentacles and suckers during November while it grows.

So, having said (or rather written) that, I’m not sure if November will see much in the way of Monday updates - I’ll be too busy trying to maintain my wordcount.

I’ll see if I can link up the NaNoWriMo graph thingy here from my profile so you can (if you are really, really bored) see how close I am to cranking out the 50,000 necessary words by Nov 30th.

And in typical fashion, once I got my November novel idea it has started to grow in scope and magnitude on its own like a cancer - but a good cancer . . .

I’m really only putting the final touches on my protagonist right now and sorting out my chapter plots a little bit.

Then come this Thursday - lunatic writing begins.

Should be a fun experiment - either one of fruition or possibly futility . . .

Still, you can’t score a goal if you never take a shot.

Of course, you can’t impact the earth at 120 miles per hour if you never jump out of a plane or off a mountain precipice either - but I think you follow me.

So back to my nagging protagonist.

Monday, October 22, 2007

CT Scanners live in vein

Gee has a whole week gone by already?

This week's short writing update deals exclusively with NaNoWriMo 2007.

My plotting mind has begun to churn and my fingers are limbering up for this big event.

That's about it. I may post more writing stuff once the gales of November come early . . .

Yeah, where did that come from.

So, for your entertainment - or skippage - here is a piece about my getting a CT scan.

I did not enjoy the experience much, but now that it is all over, the memory of it is kinda funny.

Kinda . . .


Ever have a CT scan?

Well if you have, then you know what you have to go through, but if you have not - then let me explain all about it and the wonders that await you . . .

. . . No food four hours before the scan. No drink one hour before the scan. No fun the entire day of the scan.

Flash forward to the general area waiting room -

- which was somewhere about 5 degrees Celsius. I half expected to see sides of beef hanging from ceiling hooks, or at the least icicles or a layer of frost. And yes, it was about 30 Celsius outside.

I believe the super cold temperatures are not to torture waiting patients, but rather, in the off chance somebody dies while waiting, there is little chance of decay setting in before the cleaning staff can find the body . . .

. . . Okay, that was morbid, but I was in a Hospital about to undergo a hideous procedure. What do you expect?

After the prerequisite half hour wait, I was called in for phase one. What was I expecting? Well, I was told by colleagues at work that you have to drink this semi-sweet concoction and that was about it.

Wrong . . .

. . . First question from the nurse (she was nice at least and not at all like the wicked witch of the West wing I was expecting) which arm do you want the IV in?

The what? I thought I was just going to gulp some foul tasting goop and be done.

Oh no, she says, we need to inject you with a metallic iodine solution . . .

. . . bullet time . . .

. . . Oh shit! One person at work I talked to had this done. He said they took a cylinder, about the size of a window calking tube, and pumped the whole damn thing up his arm until he felt like his entire body was going to swell up and explode.

Oh crap! . . .

. . . resume normal time.

Um, how much is going in my arm, and why? Yeah, I was cool on the outside, shaking like a frightened child on the inside.

Only about this much, she said reaching behind her. I half expected her to roll out a 45 gallon drum marked with a skull and crossbones, but she only showed me a small vial holding about 200 ml. Oh, okay. I can handle that I told myself. Piece of cake.

Then, she opens the mini fridge behind her and says, “now for your drinks” . . .

. . . Drinks? You mean like Guinness or Smithwicks?

Yeah, I start to joke under pressure. Okay, not entirely true. I joke all the time. Anyhow, nobody laughs - but she did - to ease my tension I think.

But drinks too, what the hell is this? Don’t I get the shot in the arm only? Both.

Oh crap!

I spy these huge, and I mean huge, containers of Styrofoam holding, and I don’t lie, about 750 ml of orange liquid each. I’m thinking, crap I have to drink all that. I am not a big drinker, unless it’s Guinness or Smithwicks that is, and this was not.

So what does she do?

She pulls out two!

I looked around for somebody else. I mean, two of those means two people right? Right?

Oh crap!

“You can get started on the first one,” she says smiling at me.

I made some other joke about quantity or such. Yes, both are for you. Suck it patient, was what I’m sure she was really thinking, or not another “you want me to drink all of this” comment. She must be bored out of her tree all day handing those over and getting that same reaction.

So back to the, which arm do you want the IV in? Really, I get a choice? How nice.

I pointed to another patient along the hall - how about that arm, over there? Ha, ha, har . . .

. . . Left. I need to drive a manual transmission out of here today so want my shifting arm in good shape.

Why the back of the gorram hand?

It’s so, incase the worst happens, they can wheel you in to the operating room . . .

Gee, thanks. I feel a whole lot better now.

No, I ask the nurse, why the pamphlet before all this telling me that the procedure I’m about to undergo can lead to death? I mean, I’m already on edge here, why the “death” threats?

Just procedure (IE; covering their butts). She tells me that even if they were to give me an aspirin I would have to read and sign this form.

I sign the form - I wonder if the paratroopers on D-Day had to sign a form?

Well, I go back to the meat locker waiting room and begin to slurp down the ridiculous amount of syrupy goop.

After about twenty minutes, and one container later, my bladder is filling up.

So, off I go to the washroom to unload.

I come back and wait another twenty minutes or so.

What in Hell’s half acre is taking so bloody long?

Finally, the assistant pokes her head around and calls my name. As she walks me along she tells me they came out twenty minutes ago but I wasn’t there.

Um, gee, you just had me swallowing two liters of syrup - do ya think I may have been in the can?

My humour is turning to into sarcastic vitriol at this time. I blame it on my body temperature being ten degrees below normal.

Happy nurse shows again and in her hand is another smaller Styrofoam cup - full of orange sweet sickly stuff.

She tells me I need a top-up because I was gone so long.

I am resigned to my fate at this point and just suck it down like a good trapped rat.

The wait is short and I’m lead into the CT scan room. Cool, I think.

You have the X-Files slab and a giant torus shaped apparatus which the table feeds you into.

Not cool, I think as they set me down and strap me in place. Still, no more goop to drink thank Josefat.

Once I’m securely in place they hook up the IV quick connect and get ready for a test? They need to test? How faulty is this equipment anyhow?

And, the test does not work. Bubbles in the IV line or something. The nurse wacks on the unit, just like you would expect a professional to fix something - it works. So, not all you see in the movies is make believe.

The assistant and nurse scurry off behind a protective barrier. I’m reminded of footage of nuclear bomb testing - and I’m at ground zero.

The giant torus, my feet are pointing at, begins to whir and the unit gets up to speed. It sounds like a muted jet engine. Cool, I think again knowing the end is near . . . Okay, not the most appropriate thought, but what do you want.

I am told the unit hooked up to my IV will now administer the lethal (okay, not lethal) dose of metallic iodine something or other - and the most peculiar sensation hits me.

No, not the light in the distance (just the overhead florescent) but my bladder all of a sudden feels hot. Strange, very strange.

I’m fed through the unit as it whirs at top speed. In the torus, then out of the torus.

I picture Homer Simpson taking a bite out of it. I does resemble a rather large white powder donut.

Nurse comes back. Pops out the IV. I’m free to go.

As a bonus - I didn’t die!

A parting word of advice to all you youngins out there. Eat lots of fibre, drink lots of water and stay the hell away from crap food.

Your innards will love you and you may never have to have a CT scan.

For me - the beginning - of the rest of my goo food life.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

strange days ahead

Well, as I wrote last post that I was not going to do it - well, now I am.

NaNoWriMo 2007 here I come. You can hunt me down on the site as "nyarlwriter" if you wish.

Yes, I am crazy in the head - but so are the other 80,000 or so people who are going to attempt this month of mayhem and word wacking come November 1st.

50,000 words in 30 days, or 1,667 words a day for 30 days, or about 8 pages of double spaced type in Times New Roman . . .

And I have no idea what I’m going to write.

I’m going to let the morning of November 1st surprise me.

This goes against every writer instinct I have. I need to plot and plan and know what is going to happen and what is going on.

So, just spewing down a huge story as fast as my Grade 13 typing class has prepared me for (years ago when Grade 13 wasn’t going anywhere) and telling the inner critic to STFU so I can get her, I mean, the words out unedited . . . (Okay, 10 points if you got the Wonderfalls title reference . . .) has me more than a little rattled.

But, I’m sort of excited about the attempt as well. I mean it’s the journey, isn’t it?

Right, am I right? (20 point if you got the Peanuts reference . . .)

So there you have it.

Another writer tossing his brain into the shark pool to see if it can swim.


And two other DVD things of note. If you have ever wanted the complete X-Files series or the complete Angel series - Go to Amazon dot ca and do it right now.

Amazon (evil incarnate, well not as bad as Wal-Mart) dot ca has the complete Angel series in the special slimline box for only 97 bucks - include tax and you are at 110. This will be delivered in Canada anywhere for free and works out to 22 bucks a season or 1 dollar and episode. You can’t get a coffee for a dollar anymore so this is great and yeah, I did order it.

The complete X-Files is on for 239. This is not quite as good a deal but still works out to about 30 bucks a season tax included delivered to your Canadian home.

So, to wrap up, every morning in November I will be creating my masterba . . ., um, masterpiece, and then each November evening I get to watch and Angel episode. Angel is supposed to be good, isn’t it?

Until Monday where I will begin to panic about NaNoWriMo.

And oh, yes, this will mean a delay in my current novel, but I’m hoping the brain drain of 30 days of writing will make my latest Sci-Fi novel fly from the neurons and onto the screen afterwards without all the agonizing.

At least that is the theory.

I love theories - it’s that practical bit of making them happen that gives me troubles.

Monday, October 15, 2007

fallout and fallin

So far the writing plan is a success.

I read chapter 1 (of 18) on reading night to the group and now it’s time to work on chapter 2 before the second Saturday in November.

Almost interested in NaNo, but I think it would be more of a distraction than a benefit.

No offense to those who partake. I just think for me (it is all about me after all) it would not work.

This concludes the Fallin part of the post.


Fallout 3 now has trailers to view, screenshots and a whole lot of “I gotta play this when it launches”.

And it launches March of next year.

I do anticipate it. Much.

And to show my appreciation, I’m playing (when I get a spare moment) Fallout - the original.

This is kind of like if another Trek show were to be debuting and you went back and watched all the “Classic” Bones, Kirk, other guy, Star Trek episodes.

Or, maybe that is not exactly like it.

Because didn’t Enterprise s(h)orta kill the Enterprise?

and would we really want another Trek show?

Anyhow, -

- if you have played Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, then you know you are going to get Fallout 3 and love it.

Even though it is a first person perspective game like Oblivion. Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing?

For me - I don’t really care. Getting to tangle with raiders, radscorpions and robots is reward good enough for me whatever the interface.

And this, I’m afraid, concludes the Fallout portion of the broadcast . . .

Bring on the Ron Perlman voice-over in March 2008 -

“War . . . War never changes.”

Monday, October 01, 2007

the blank page before me . . .

. . . lies open like a wound void of blood, still and sterile, echoing the tortures of ages past and ages to come . . .

. . . or something.

Hard to get started this morning. May be due to my daughter being dog sick the night before and me getting about three hours of sleep. At least I hope that’s it.

Or could be “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack playing in the background.

Or hot coffee burning my mouth.

Or three million angels dancing on the head of a pin. I wonder if they are all vampires? . . .

So, as for the update, all is going very well with only a slight modification. Instead of “end of the month” (and all that implies), I’m shooting for “before next reading night” which suits me better.

That means I still have two weeks to polish off my first draft of chapter 1 (of 18) of my new Sci-Fi thriller. And I even have a working, printed first version to mull over and massage this week.

More next week then on how it’s going.


A few things of note -

- if you have cash to burn that is. Absolute Sandman Vol. 2 is out this month as well as Donaldson’s “Fatal Revenant”, the second part to his “Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”.

And today marks a milestone for me. It was exactly 7 years ago today when I made the ultimate decision - escape from Cube-Catraz. So what this means is, as of today I have 6 years left in my sentence . . .

. . .or less, depending on good behaviour and other things. Still, that to me is real progress and the ten watt bulb looks to have been replaced by a twenty five. Sweet!

Of course it may just be that the trip to our nation’s capital this weekend had me looking at the soon to be stunning display of fall tree colouring. You forget sometimes, pounding the man-made environment, just what natural beauty is all about. So get out in the country this month and behold nature’s wondrous display. No pressure though.

And this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. WooHoo! A four day get-out-of-hell free pass and, as an added bonus - Thanksgiving dinner with some friends again. Yes, you heard me - friends - not relatives. That I am looking forward too.

And I will try for, after next week’s update, to have the trip to the hospital fo a scan tale complete so you can relive (vicariously) the suffering I endured to find out I have mild bowel problem. Must have been the almost twenty years of crap I was fed in Corporate Ville backing up the system.

Oh well, enjoy the fall colours (if you are in that part of the world) and I’ll spew forth some more next week and let you know how goes the novel grind.

I’m still undecided as to whether I should post my new novel up here or not. Maybe the first three chapters or something? Not sure.

the blank page before me. . .

Monday, September 24, 2007

never again

We’ve all said it, maybe not out loud because of the pain, but inside our heads as we suffer in self-inflicted agony - the day after.

We tell ourselves this the morning after the binge, and with great conviction, only to find that some time in the future we imbibe again to excess.

You would think that after all this time, and many a “never again”, one of them would sink in and prevent the next occurrence.

Not so.

And I suffered - plenty.

Sunday was a beautiful fall day full of sunshine and mild breezes. Absolutely perfect. Except I spent the day in a very bad way in my bed.

Hangovers suck. But, what sucks most is they are 100% preventable - if you are wise and heed the lessons of history, which I obviously did not.

So, enough of my belly-aching (rather appropriate since my belly did ache) and on to the writing update.


As ususal I have a new plan. Seems the thing to do when the old plan isn’t working.

I’ve stated that short stories are for me, so naturally I’m going to write my novel and to hell with my inner voices for now - except the one that says, “never again” - I’m listening to that one from now on.

I tried the past couple of weeks to spew out writing with no plan - and boy does that screw my mind over. I just can’t seem to do it. I need some kind of structure or direction or I just meander off to nowhere and end up chucking out what I wrote.

Hence the return to the novel. I have it completely plotted - and by this I mean I know how many chapters and roughly what high and low points need to be reached by the end of each of them.

Oh, and Monday’s are now slated for The Twisted Mind - yup this place. It’s been neglected pretty much the past year or so. So, Monday morning blog posting should happen regularly.

At least that is the new plan.

So this leaves Tue-Thur for novel writing. The plan of one chapter completed (1st draft) by the end of each month is a go.

Friday is a day I’m setting aside for game development, as in board game. I’m working on a game sorta like the old Master of Orion, something simpler than Twilight Imperium. It’s a fun exercise and something I need to do once a week to let off creative board game creation steam and work on a system that works.

And weekends are family times as well as keeping the old Reader’s Den updated.

Oh, and just as an aside, I’ve got a little chart set up.

For each day, Mon-Fri, I complete my plan objectives I get an X. Each X equates to 1 dollar to blow on whatever I want cashed in at the end of the month. Each day I have no excuse and did not complete my objective I get an O. O’s are bad and relate to negative 5 dollars to blow on stuff.

So there you have it.

Another Monday update - on Monday!

Until next Monday when I’ll outlilne another new plan . . .

. . . just kidding - I hope.

Monday, September 17, 2007

mine is 19, how big is yours?

No I’m not talking kid's ages, organs, or IQs . . .

I’m talking computer monitors. You see, it all came about like this . . .

Friday night I turn on the computer – and poof – no image on my 17 inch LCD screen. Hmmmm, that is odd I think to myself. Green light on the monitor indicates a go, but no image at all.

Moment of panic as I think maybe my computer has packed it in. Stay calm, check the obvious. I check the cables – okay. Hmmmmm. Restart, maybe a glitch in the matrix is all.

Restart gives me the same blank screen. Not good. So, I pull out the old 15 inch tube monitor and plug it in.

All is well.

So, off to the shop of the future to see what they have. And what is going on these days? You can get a 27 inch widescreen monitor for a computer . . .

Note to self – crawl out from rock more than once per year.

So, visions of watching my Lord of the Rings DVDs in super hi-def from the computer – dashed by the price tag.

One grand . . .

Err, let’s come down to Earth.

So, long story truncated. Got the LG 19 inch widescreen on sale for under 200.

And wow, way better monitor than I had.


Virus scanners suck.

Here’s why.

Mine (AVG free) keeps screwing up every month or so. My XP machine keeps warning me that “I may be at risk” – um, yeah. Going for a walk has me thinking “I may be at risk” of falling aircraft, suicide bombers and boards with nails in them, maybe even sharks . . .

. . . But, after two and a half million years (actually just years, no millions) I have never had one virus reported on my machine and this after numerous scans, updates and butt pains.

So – solution – uninstall the pain in the arse virus scanner and tell XP to STFU about it.

I’m happier now and I think I even saw my machine smile too.

Oh, and I couldn’t get a virus on my machine if I tried anyhow. I use dial-up. By the time a virus crawled down the phone line and tried to infect my machine – it will be obsolete.


Oh, and writing update. Still plugging away on non-planned stuff. It is damn hard to do. I’m used to having a plot.

It is writing practice though, so that is good.

And holy cow – it’s Monday again.

Another note to self – keep this up and people will start expecting it . . .


Monday, September 10, 2007

in my shorts

This is where I’m most comfortable. You can read the headline two ways and both would be true. I wear long pants only for work and in the winter – and today was the start of fun again as I began another short . . . story.

There is something in my nature that just cries out “short story” and cries about “novels”. It sort of pisses me off because my brain works in such grandiose-plot-world-creation ways that I should be able to create a super cool epic novel . . .

Still, shorts are easiest for me to wear and write and my brain seems wired for both.

Now, this does not exclude novels from my bag of tricks, it just means they will be worked on in fits and starts.

And say, isn't this actually Monday . . . I better watch that - could turn into a bad habit.

And speaking of going off on tangents (was I, well maybe in my own skull) - Tolkien himself was writing Lays of Beleriand and the Hurin stuff (I think) when he took a couple of decades off (yes, decades) to squeeze in something – you may recognize it – called “The Lord of The Rings”.

Did your drink just come out your nose? Yeah, me and Tolkien.

We have the love of good pint of draft in common at least . . .

. . . Well, if the draft is non-alcoholic these days.

Which brings me to the weight loss thingy.

Can you believe I’ve been consistently less than 170 pounds now for almost one month? I’ve been tipping the scales more like 167 these days – only 2 pounds off my ultimate goal.

And to think that about one year ago I recall stepping on the scale and seeing 189. something and thinking – man that is getting out of control.

So a big WooHoo for me from me.

And yes, new material for reading night is assured. I’m not sure exactly what it will be, but I hope it will at least entertain somewhat.

Oh, and it will be short.

Because shorts rule!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Loco Motives

Every so often it is a good exercise for a writer to evaluate just what the hell he/she/it is trying to write.

So, with that in mind I’ve been spending this past week doing just that and the results may startle you – or maybe not.

I have this whole grandiose Sci-Fi novel meticulously plotted and began crunching away at the first chapter only to find myself depressed and uninspired and the novel train once again steaming along has jumped the tracks and turned into a wreck.

But why?

I’ve been writing for over twenty years (and most of it casually, very casually) and find time and again that the “novel” thing is, I believe, not my “thing”.

Follow me?

So, I’m going to start following some fellow writer’s advice from both my wife (don’t use a detailed meticulous strangulating (okay not her exact words, but the meaning) plot – just write and let the excitement come from not really knowing what is about to happen until it happens) and good friend Joe (write humour like you know you can – that’s your ticket out)

So – starting next week I’m going to buy tickets for the loco motive, fly by the seat of my pants and start ripping off some humour (short, long, in between – doesn’t really matter) and see what comes of it.

I’ve also found that my humour pieces get the most guffaws (okay, the serious stuff isn’t supposed to, but you get the idea) during our reading nights – which comes again in October.

And my intent will be to capture some of the essence of Buffy or Wonderfalls or Outer Limits (well the funny parts of Outer Limits – were there supposed to be any funny parts? W.F. Shatner = funny so yeah, there is.) and just have fun with it. I mean, despite the labourious nature of writing – it is supposed to be fun in the end – isn’t it?

So there you have it then. And try as I might I have a heck of a time getting a Monday update written and posted on Monday. So tell yourself this is Monday and you will be okay.

Unless you are looking forward to the weekend like I am then it’s okay to think it’s Friday which it is but for my purposes Monday . . .

Carry On.

Friday, August 17, 2007

do not outweigh mine

Enter selfish mode.

Been a pretty good summer so far - outside of work that is.

Tennis has been good, if sometimes painful. My weight is now under 170 and still falling (hoping to hit 160-165), and the sun has been shining more than it did last year.

So - all good.

I'm currently reviewing a novel outline I've put together a few months back and have made a decision.

I'm going to tackle it starting this September and complete one chapter each month (first draft of one chapter per month).


Well, in 74 months or less I will be a free agent and need to be doing something other than what it is I'm doing now. Something I can do without bosses and irritations - master of my own destiny.

Writing this novel is going to be tough though. I've been there before (three other times not including the Star Trek novel on this blog I wroter in 1994) only to stall out and fizzle away.

I can't let that happen.

You see, one day I have this funny dream of signing my novel at a big Sci-Fi convention in Toronto.

It's a dream I really want to make happen.

But, it's going to be tough and long and arduous and (insert pain word of choice).

It will take all of my self control to stay the course. I've failed in the past. I don't want to fail again.

I hope I've learned a bit along the way.

Wish me luck.

And Joe and Tannah - great progress - don't give up - ever!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the needs of the many

yada, yada . . .

Something I deal with every day - day in - day out.

Let's talk hypothetical here, shall we.

When is it not okay to follow logic, rational thought? Ever? Sometimes? Never?

The stuff of great agonizing and I'm sure the stuff which started many feuds, perhaps even wars.

Where does one's sense of duty end and one's sense of selfishness begin? Do they, or can they, even overlap to some degree.

I'm a great planner though all my many plans may never see fruition.

I'm also a great honor bound individual, striving with integrity to uphold what I believe to be just and right.

This does not always sit well with me, but it is the something with which my very fabric is sewn.

Does this post have a point?

I'll explore one more idea, then leave off for the day.

Is it selfish to love eating fish? In and of itself it seems like the answer would be no.

But what if 9 billion people love to eat fish? Then what? To observe each individual and say - that is not selfish - is not to look at the whole and realize that 9 billion consumers will soon empty the seas.

So, how do you view the needs of the many here vs the needs of the individual?

What is the solution?

Who is to leave off eating fish and who is to continue - and who decides and how does it get enforced?

And who is to say the alternative is going to be better than the original.

Now, I need another cup of coffee . . .

. . . What I mean is, now I want another cup of coffee.

Selfish of me, or is it?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a load off

Well, I think I'm on my way to reducing my unnecessary body bulk.

I'm hovering around 173 these days and feeling much better than I did a few months ago when I was tipping the scales around 180.

It's tough in your 40s to keep the weight off. Here's how I've been managing it so far.

Trying really hard not to eat crap food - chips, processed foods, cookies, ice cream, etc. Been working well.

Been trying to get in a good deal of exercise at least 5 times a week. This would be say, two hours of tennis, or a 50 minute fast walk about the town. This, I'm sure, is the key to reducing fat and keeping it off.

And lastly I've been drinking more water than I ever have before. I hate drinking water, really I do, but it helps your metabolism and keeps the solids flushing out - if you know what I mean.

So, if you are like me, getting no younger but wanting to drop the beer belly, give it a go.

And speaking of beer belly - I don't drink wine or beer anymore either. Wasted calories and cash and don't need to be "more" addle minded than I already am.

Trying to hit my target of 165.

Don't know if I'll get there - but it's all about the journey or some such rot anyhow.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

f-ing off the net

for three whole glorious days!

Yup, after leaking pipes, mind-numbing work and general gotta-get-outta-here feelings, it is time for a short family vacation.

So, off to a resort up north for three days to swim, read a good book or two, do not-much and stay away from computers altogether.

Ah, can't wait to leave in a few hours.

But, as appealing as falling off the net is . . .

. . . you just know,

I'll be back.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

oh danny boy

the pipes are blowing . . .

. . . in my basement.

Yup, woke up yesterday to a great cup of java, and a huge leak in the ceiling of the basement.

So, spent some quality time cutting drywall and sopping up water.


But, Reader's Den has a face lift and is looking great.

So, all was not in vain.

Hey, lightning and thunder. I better get - - -

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a boy and his blog

Once upon a time there was a blog, but not just any blog, but a blog of consequence.

Sounds great, in theory - but at 70,000 blogs created each hour, I wonder how many do have consequence? Perhaps the sheer volume alone says something about our species.

And so I sit and ponder my space and time and wonder if the two really are connected or are separate, like oil and helium. Is this my beautiful house and is that my beautiful wife? How did I get here?

I tell myself there are those who wonder in looking for something, but they come mostly from google. Are they satisfied? Do they leave with a sour taste in their mouth or tripping down the aisle gleefully overjoyed at what they have found? I really don’t know, and really - should I?

And why the hell is ginormous now in Websters? How low have we sunk to be using that? Why not an alternative, like say - using the words enormous or gigantic instead? Seems so much simpler to me if less Whedonesque . . .

But these are not simple times we are told. At least we are informed to believe that. I’ve read it after a google search - so it must be the truth.

So I sit and ruminate about the workings and worth of my blog. Mindless algorithms analyze this site to try and satisfy their human masters while I ruminate about what it is I want to ruminate about - or is that ruinate?

If you have read this far you are a trooper. Thanks for taking the time in this complicated, busy world. I’ve won from over 70,000 blogs this hour.


Beware - here follow mundanities.

Tennis last night went well if it was not a struggle to pull out a tiebreaker win. Yup, that would make two weeks in a row of doubles victories. We won 6-7, 6-3 and then a tiebreaker victory of 8-6 points.

The last point has me rushing across the net to intercept an high backhand volley which I promptly pounded off the sideline for the win. Damn that felt good. Made up for the seventy or so missed shots all the points before . . .

My one bit of sorrow over all this is that my daughter’s baseball is the same night so I have to miss seeing her play.

On to cubicle life and the torture it is. Now, I may not be the slipperiest soap in the bottle, but why do I have to deal with stupid people all the time? Is this everyone’s experience in the workplace these days? I wonder how many others find me stupid as well. If I appear stupid it is only because the way to promotion is through incompetence. I’m giving it a go.

Well, I’m going to leave off now. Sorry for those few who actually come here looking for new posts instead of from google.

I’ll try to be better about leaving some scraps under the table.


The truth may be out there, but I bet by the time I find it, it will be so twisted as to be unrecognizable as such.

I’m just a boy and his blog, struggling to find the meaning of it all in this post-apocryphal world.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

60 percent

My tennis rackets arrived yesterday!

A pair of brand spanking new Maxply McEnroes . . .

Now I'm off today to get them strung, but they won't be ready for the "big" mixed doubles tournament this weekend.

Oh well.

Say, I was reading in McEnroe's biography "You cannot be serious" that because of his age he is now playing at about 60% of what he used to play at.

And guess what?

When he wrote this he was exactly the age I am now. And here I thought I should be playing close to what I once was all those twenty three years ago.

Silly me.

Makes me feel better actually knowing that 60% is about it for my performance on the court, even with the extra workouts and weight dropping plan I put myself on.

60% - still, that's higher than my high school English marks - and you would never have guessed that . . .



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

feeling the pain

of my own limitations.

Sounds ominous, or self-defeating or even hopeless - but it is far from that and so much closer to contentment than ever before.


Okay, let me start at the beginning - of June - when I made a pact with myself - get more exercise, become stronger and drop about ten to fifteen pounds.

Sounds impossible for a middle-aged father with a full time job, but, with a little time management, some willpower and steroids . . . okay, no steroids, but rather exercise instead, it can and will be done.

You may have noticed a lack of posts here for a while. And that is for a good reason.

Instead of sitting on my duff in the morning for an hour or more, then sitting in my car for the morning commute, then sitting in my office . . .

. . . See the evil trend emerging.

I’ve been getting up as usual (very early) and going for an hour walk each morning instead, unless I’m playing tennis that day and hence the output here has tapered off.

I just don’t have enough time in the day anymore for exercise, family, blog(s) and all the other things which suck up my time - which is not to say this place will fade away, but only that it will be seeing less of my duff-sitting ramblings.

And now to get to the point which I think I’ve made in the past. As I age I find that my physical body is starting to show those signs more and more. Signs I would rather it didn’t. And now I am faced with a choice.

Do I roll over and just say - well, I’m getting older and can’t hack it anymore. It, of course, being tennis.

Que the broken record - I was once a very, very good tennis player. Now I’m a very, very average one . . .

Why? What the H is going on?

Age - plain and simple. My body cannot handle what it could twenty years ago and I have to realize this and change my strategy.

And so I’m getting into much better physical shape through walking, weights and less duff sitting.

Is it working?

Well, so far (three weeks in) I’m feeling more aches and pains in places that never had them before and (last night) it really took its toll on my tennis game during my doubles league match (yes, we got smoked 6-3, 6-1). My sore ankles, stiff elbow and general sore/stiff muscles did not respond to my 19 year old mind’s directions . . .

. . . still, I am getting lighter and stronger despite the stiffness/aches/pains. It is taking so much more time for my body to strengthen up and drop weight though that it ever has before. So what I thought would be a two week to one month process, will take double or triple that estimate I think. And the whole time I must be cognizant of injury prevention. I can’t bounce back from sprains like I used to either.

And so it is.

And so it will be - mostly.

I hated to admit it, but there it was last night, plain as day - my top game slipping away. But it does give me motivation to improve, and improve I shall . . . even if it pains me . . .

-mind side slip-

I do have a post, almost complete, of my wonderful time at the Hospital three weeks ago . . .

No, not a tennis injury or chronic ailment, just more signs of old age I wanted checked out to be sure I could still play tennis for years to come and see my daughter graduate high-school. I’m almost fine - details to follow in a later post.

And Oh, I’m excited for two good reasons.

1) My new tennis rackets cleared customs yesterday and should arrive before the weekend. WooHoo! Dunlop Maxply McEnroes they are and promise to be sweet replacements for my twenty-plus year old Dunlop Max 200Gs . . .

2) My daughter was smoking at baseball last night - hit all three times she was up and got all the way around the bases to score points as well (proud Daddy here!). She is really turning into a good little player and (bonus) she really likes the game too. I wish I could have been there to watch (I was getting trounced on the tennis courts instead) but my wife was there to see it all and fill me in.

I am so lucky to have them both and no ache or pain can ever diminish that.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today - Oh, why the post and not a walk this morning? Why, I'm playing tennis again tonight.

Three days in a row . . .

Picture Spock with the Horta if you will . . . Pain, pain . . .

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

what goes up

So, there I was with a co-worker in the elevator yesterday---

---when suddenly - lurch-drop-slam!

The damn thing dropped about a foot and jammed to a halt. Scared the crap out of me (figuratively, not literally).

It did resume and come to rest at a floor (forgot which one) and we beat a hasty retreat from the death trap.

The story goes that when our office building was built they cheaped out and bought "used" elevators to install.

From now on I'm using only the stairs . . .

. . . I just hope they didn't cheap out on concrete as well.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

murder most fowl

ever just kill something because you could?

Ever feel remorse because of it?

If taking a life is murder then I am responsible for much death. But by life, I’m not talking people (they kill themselves off - smoking, drinking, speeding, drugs, hate, obesity - quite readily by themselves),

no, I’m talking about the so called “lower” life forms. Mosquitoes, spiders, ruffled grouse and a toad . . .

Yup, guilty on all counts, but unlike Charles Manson (up for parole again - yeah, right), I do genuinely feel sorry for those creatures I have offed.

Well, maybe not so much the mosquitoes - that’s more of a survival of the quickest thing.

. . . I recall (I see you rolling your eyes and thinking - oh, no he’s going off on some when-I-was-a-kid-thing again . . . well I am, so suck it.)

When I was a kid going partridge hunting with my dad was a way of rural wilderness life. We would head out to some deserted country road with our .22 rifles and forage for the elusive, but quite stupid, ruffled grouse.

It was always best to go out while the sun was just coming up and catch the birds pecking for stones on the side of the road. The thrill of coming around a bend and seeing one on the road was, for me, quite exhilarating.

My dad would stop the car and we would, as quietly as we could, get out and ready our weapons (to a partridge a .22 rifle is a weapon of mass destruction - just clarifying). Now, for those who have never hunted ruffled grouse, I have to tell you their heads are about the size of a pea - which means the brain housed inside is even smaller. And trying to hit that head with a .22 rifle at one hundred yards is almost impossible.

But, after several shots (the bird would most likely just look up then resume pecking again), either I, or my dad, would bag the sucker . . .

. . . supposed to be lovely father-son bonding memories, right? Well, I recall, after the kills, feeling kind of sorry for the birds. And I even remember petting one (quite dead I assure you) in the back of the car and telling it everything would be alright (yeah, I was like six). What did I know?

We did eat them, so it was not just killing for sport. And I don’t hunt anymore, nor will I. The desire has left me.

Why did the desire leave me . . .

. . . enter the toad.

One last instance, which is forever burned in my mind, was the demise of a friendly toad by my hand - and my Lakefield 12 gauge shotgun. It may be fun to blast imps in Doom with one, but taking down a defenseless toad is, well, kinda stupid and pointless.

I was walking (not six anymore, but like sixteen - I know, no marked intelligence improvement there it seems) down a country road hunting for partridge when I spied, in a small pool off the side of the road - a toad. Hey, I thought to myself, I wonder what will happen if I creep up to this guy and take a shot at him?

Gee, Mr. high-school doofus, what the hell do you think will happen?

As you may well have guessed, the toad, sitting on a stick, paid me little to no attention. I mean why should he, master of his environment, king of this little pool, flies buzzing about him - dinner on the wing - pay me any heed?

Cause I was armed, dangerous and dumb - that's why.

I sighted down my (must have been ten pounds) shotgun and closed the bolt action securing the toad’s fate in the chamber. With some sort of demonic glee (what other kind of glee can there be at a moment like this?) I pulled the trigger. If you have ever watched any World War 2 footage of sea battles you know what water explosions look like.

Well, one second Mr. Toad was grinning the good life, the next he was no more - literally. After the water, mud and stick fragments came back to earth, the toad was absolutely gone.

What did I feel? - kinda sick actually.

It was one of those quintessential moments in my life. I realized right then that what I had done was terribly wrong, that taking that life was sick and that I, by doing so, must be sick as well. I put a stop to that kind of behaviour. I stopped hunting - I put the shoe on the other flipper so to speak. How would I feel if somebody took a shot at me just because they could?

Now I don’t want to sound hypocritical (I eat meat and I know these defenseless animals are slaughtered for food) but the act of killing in cold blood I find distasteful and disturbing.

Here's hoping Manson stays where he is.

His kind, in my opinion, serve no real purpose in this world.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

10000 maniacs

seem to have visited this twisted place in just over a year . . .

. . . which for some (like me) is shocking, considering the drivel I spew here, and unimpressive to others (like Wil) who gets more visitors in one minute than I get in an entire day . . .

And no offence to Wil (I read and really enjoy his blog) but I’ll take quality over quantity any day . . . unless we are talking cash, then just reverse what I said.

So what can possess someone to spend time away from reality TV or their loved ones to seek out and find new blogs to entertain them?

I mean there are 10000 (that’s right - ten thousand) new blogs popping up every three and a half hours . . .

Staggers the mind, doesn’t it?

Or does it?

Most are spammers looking to cash in (wouldn’t the world be a much better place without them?)

Others are people keen to participate in the electronic global playground, but soon fade away and give up after they realize that few, in some cases nobody, is paying them any attention whatsoever.

Then there are we, the ones who, despite endless head-to-wall banging, feel the need to relate things to cyberspace in the hopes that maybe another human out there will chance upon it and laugh, or cry, or vomit . . . Okay, not vomit - but you know kinda what I mean.

Must be the whole social animal thing. Pack minds seeking out approval, or guidance or acceptance in this existence . . .

. . . or maybe just plain attention whores?

Who me, you say?

Well, okay, maybe not you, but others for sure.

But not me.

If I wanted to be an attention whore I would buy a bright coloured sports car and . . .

. . . er, nevermind.

Oh, and the point of this post?

Thanks to all those maniacs who dropped and/or will drop by here.

It makes the ravings just a wee bit easier to write, knowing you are out there . . .

Now, if only “certain” TV show stars would start a “blogsite” of their own, well, then you could drop this site and bookmark that one - cause it would be so much the better.

Just a question for those few out there.

Do you think I should start a regular series of short stories (comedy) to entertain (kinda like Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser meets Buffy meets Teen Titans meets Robot Chicken meets Wonrole the Warrior (inside joke, sorry) . . .), or just concentrate on my big writing projects?

The deal would be for me to once a month post another adventure here, (not to be confused with the cycles of the moon or female bilogical. . .)

Just thinking, which gets me in far too much trouble already.

It would really get my writing muscles toned up knowing I had to have another installment of silliness ready each month.

If I get four replys from different people I will do just that - starting with the pilot short story July 1st.

If I don't get four replys from different people I will do it anyway - so no pressure . . .

Until tomorrow where I spew again like old faithful, or that faucet drip you just haven’t gotten around to fixing . . . or something . . .

. . . yar . . .

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

meeting the challenge

So there I was, writing this morning.

I put on my computer music, sucked away at my fresh ground coffee (less the roasted black mustard seed) and got to it.

And "all" of my computer music is copied from CDs I own - so go sue somebody else please.

After about 45 minutes, to my surprise, I was done another short story.

Which now has me wondering if I am a short story writer instead of the other stuff you can write.

Maybe it just comes naturally, or I feel confident, or it is something I can bang off quickly before the caffeine buzz dies away . . .

. . . whatever the cause, I have a story for our next gathering.

Heck, I may even post it here after that.

And I guess I need to keep writing stuff on this blog if I expect paying customers (as in paying attention) to show up.

Now, back to work.

Monday, May 21, 2007

black in back

Seems that part of my brain used for creative writing has been in shadow for the past month.

At our last gathering, after I read the second last chapter of my (old) Star Trek novel - somebody said - you should write something new . . .

Hey, what a great idea.

Now that the flames of visiting, car buying and spring cleanup (okay, spring cleanup avoidance) are past - it's time once more for me to crank out some fresh prose.

So, starting tomorrow morning, that is just what I plan to do.

We shall see what happens.

Maybe comedy, maybe something dark, maybe blank pages . . .

But, come what may, I will have something new to read for our next gathering in June . . .

Gulp, now that I've said it and put it in writing, I have to follow through . . .

I wonder if I can use this blog post as my new writing? . . .

No, that would not do.

As for the novel I have all planned - I'm going to tackle that in the fall and through the winter. So, most likely short stories for the summer.

And I think I've been booted at work again from this site. Sucks big time.

So, posts will either appear in the evening (yeah right) or weekends (more likely).

Now, on to my last holiday - and the dreaded lawn - seems creeping charlie has taken over a huge swath of my lawn.

My back is already protesting.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the stars like dust


me - back again for a brief post.

Seems as though the July thingy may be a bust - sold out already and in only three days.

Too slow on my part (could be the age thing).

But how about this for mixed messages;

"Look before you leap" and "he who hesitates is lost"

Oh, well.

Would have been a blast, now it looks like a bust.

Oh, well.

Is there an echo in here?

Say, anybody watch Wonderfalls?

I've been wondering if I should pick it up - seems the jumbo superstores now have it on sale for like 17 bucks.

Now, on to plan B.

Whatever that is . . .

Saturday, May 19, 2007

four leaf clover

The past several years have seen me not smiling a whole bunch.

Work, or the skulduggery of it, has caused a sort of internal blight which spreads across my soul and damps out the silly-daddy part of me more often than I'd like.

I used to be a lot more fun - trust me, and I aim to regain so form of my old self before I grow old and expire.

And, like some manic depressed goomba, I seem to seesaw up and down the satisfaction scale depending on the day.

Today I'm near the top and I actually smiled three times already - and it's not even noon yet!

The fun new car is part of it. I went cruising yesterday while boppin to 80s tunes - but it is just a thing really. A mechanical thing. And while it alleviates some of the blight, I know it is only temporary as the pendulum will surely swing the other way again.

But, for today, I'm smiling knowing the future looks much brighter.

Got some news two days ago which really piqued my happy place . . .

And, though I really wish I could spill all the details, I fear that doing so would screw up that which has me really looking forward to it . . .

Am I making any sense?

Sorry for the Mr. Cryptic routine, but, you see, certain people need protecting and blabbing about it could compromise their position - not good.

Also, other certain people don't really like to hear about it or truly understand - pisses them off I think and leads them to think all manner of crazy things about me - which are totally untrue!

So, suffice to say something really cool is looming for mid-summer. And, if it pans out, I will have a tale to tell as well as possible photographic proof of the experience . . .

Just thinking about it made me smile again - wow, four times - for about once per hour.

I keep this up and I may even join the human race again soon.

And a Saturday blog even because - my two girls are out a friend's yard sale trying to pawn off some of our old baby stuff.

Let's hope it sells so somebody else can use it and it doesn't end up in the landfill.

Now, where did I put those keys?

I hear Devo rockin!

Friday, May 18, 2007

shifting gears


the deed is done.

In my driveway now sits a "bright" (like eye-scorching) rally yellow Cobalt SS.

Mine, all mine . . .

Manual shift too - which I will tell you had me very nervous for days before I actually picked it up.

You see, I haven't driven a manual transmission car in over ten years. What if I forgot how - what if I pulled out of the dealer's lot to stall in traffic and look like an idiot getting t-boned by some irate taxi driver?

Well, it didn't happen. I shifted from 1st to 2nd without a problem and cruised through the next three gears to take the beast home.

And it has an absolutely killer stereo system. And for those who know me, you know this is important.

And XM radio - set to the 80s channel of course. I, being a child of the 80s, love the music still. Now, I have commercial free digital broadcast 80s music direct to my 270 watt pioneer sound system complete with 10 sub-woofer in my eye scorching yellow car . . .

. . . you just wait until you hit mid life and see what you get . . .

So of course my neighbours think I'm crazy. But, since they are all about 70 years old plus, they think everybody is crazy and should stay off their lawns.

I'm happy with my new toy and this sunny weekend is prime time to go for a cruise.

Oh, and 45 miles per gallon - so not the biggest gas guzzler which suits me fine considering the gas gouging going on these days.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

flotsam to jettison

With the impending trade in of the “boring” car for the “better-gas-mileage” car, there comes a time when you have to go through the contents of the old car and clean it out.

Since today is rain – looks like tomorrow will be the scouring of the Ion.

Some things I’m pretty sure to find in there;

Tim Horton’s paper coffee cup(s) – If you are Canadian this is a given.

Used facial tissues – plenty in those hard to reach places like under/around/between the seats.

Plastic bags because; well our society is just gaga for plastic bags. We really should phase those damn non-biodegradable embarrassments out of existence . . . yes; I know we are . . . eventually . . . someday . . .

Dirt – as in grass clippings, road salt, pebbles, sand and earth. Lots of it. Enough to choke a vacuum cleaner – which is most likely what it will do.

Mummified bugs – wasps, ants, spiders, raccoons . . . , um, well, okay not raccoons then since raccoons aren’t bugs.

Garage door opener – you know, so you can sit on your duff, press a button and have the garage door open all by itself like magic.

Pencils and Pens – So that’s where the damn things go. If I look hard enough I’ll probably find socks too.

Crumpled paper – stuff that just accumulates, like directions to places printed from Mapquest and such. You know how it happens – you should take it away at the time but it just ends up tossed behind the seats.

CDs – stuffed in every nook and cranny that the car has to offer rendering the clove box useless for, um, gloves. People still wear gloves?

Oil Change receipts – you just know you should keep those things – right?

Broken plug-in air compressor – yes, made in China.

Umbrella – you know, should it rain. You can think to yourself as you are walking to the car getting soaked (Oh, yeah – I have an umbrella in the car)

Extra pairs of running shoes – what, you don’t think you could ever get a flat?

Beer cans – the ones that you were going to return to the beer store . . . three years ago . . .

I’m going to leave off the list here now and maybe you can fill in some comments with other things you have lurking in your ride. What is the most bizarre?

And four days in a row . . .

I must have hit my head or something.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

threefer madness

Yup, three days – three posts.

What gives?

I guess more is going on that I thought.

Like last night.

Last night was tennis night again (start of the season). The night when I see if I can remember how to hit the ball, serve, volley and generally sweat (or is that swear?) a lot.

I didn’t fall down like I did first day last year – bonus points for that.

Which is good.

Must be all those hours on the trampoline.

So, overall - had fun, played okay, and didn’t sprain/break/damage/mutilate anything.

Sensing a mind shift - hang on . . .

Since I plan on living till at least 86, and I’m almost 43, seems (mathematically) to be my mid-life.

And what would my mid-life crisis be without getting a new toy?

So what is my new toy you ask?

Why a bright yellow Cobalt SS with a stick shift, of course . . .

. . . let’s the laughter die down before continuing . . .

. . . feeling better now?

Since this will likely be the last vehicle I buy (for a very long time) I thought I would go for the gusto and get something more exciting than my current Ion.

Now you know. And it has nothing to do with Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Nothing do you hear me . . .

Oh, and I installed a new light fixture in place of the faulty made-in-China smoking/melting one I posted about yesterday.

I paid a good price, got good quality (or so I thought) only to crack it open at home and see the dreaded – wait for it . . .

. . . Made In China . . .


What can you do? I mean the box had no indication of this. It was only once I got to the actual unit that I noticed the sticker.


At least my new car isn’t Made-in-China (YET) . . .

. . . It’s made in Ohio

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

burning life fixtures

First off – no I was not contributing to Spider Man’s record take this weekend.

And since I didn’t even see the second one, I think I’ll skip the third altogether – that is until is shows up in a bargain DVD bin. Still, it they want more than 5.99 for it - I think I’ll pass.

So I was sitting in my lair last night when the lights began to flicker . . .

. . . like a horror movie.

The smell of melting something was filling the air.

Not a good sign.

I made the assumption that one of the fluorescent bulbs was packing it in, and when I pulled out the one that was flickering I did notice it had yellow scorch marks on it and it smelled burnt. They will eventually die, after a very, very long time.

No big deal.

So I changed it. But something very weird happened. One bulb was burning bright white, the other was dull orange . . .

When only one bulb was in the fixture – bright white. It didn’t matter which side either.

Now here is the wacky part. The first bulb to be screwed in was white – the second was dull orange. And it didn’t matter which bulb or which side I screwed in first – the second bulb was always dull orange.

It even happened with incandescent ones too.


So, I pulled the assembly apart (yes the breaker was off) and started looking for the cause in the wiring. But – nada.

I am not Mr. Fixit by any stretch of the imagination, but I could see the black wire was connected to the black wire and the white wire was connected to the white wire. And all wires were firmly in place.

So, I got to looking at the bargain fixture – a double socket (made in China) special. The tinfoilish wrap-around label telling you not to put in more than a sixty watt bulb was crinkled and sorta melted.

Hmmmmmm . . .

So, I must go out and get another fixture.

I’m going to try to get one not made in China – wish me luck.

Life – just when you think the bulbs are burning bright – one goes out and the other turns orange . . .

. . . or something.

I want one of those funky round half dome kitchen style lights anyhow.

Not made in China.

As you were.

Monday, May 07, 2007

And all the men and women merely plagues

Three words to describe my life over the last two and a half weeks.




Holy cow batgirl, no more flesh for me - please!

Yes, visits from my folks mean several species grow that much closer to extinction. And I, the dutiful son, must play along in this ritual of carnage or take excessive amounts of abuse.

I know, I know.

Nobody shovels the food into my mouth except me. But years of training has me still eating masses of seared flesh when all I really want to do is sing . . . er, eat some steamed veggies.

Well, for the next month (or three) I’m going to do just that. It won’t be totally flesh free, but it will be far far far far (can’t exaggerate enough on this point) less than the last while.

And, how does one digest such quantities of hormones, antibacterials and protein?

Well, you get a game that raises your heartbeat and blood pressure to de-stress from long days of muscle munching.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Okay, go ahead and laugh. But I have a tricked out Cobalt SS - Lime Green with a dragon motif, supercharged racing engine, Kona racing rims, hood scoop and of course for those high speed races from the cops - Nitrous Oxide boost!

Can’t you just see me oozing attitude in a baseball cap with a “Suck your Mother” tattoo on my shifting arm?

Er, see what I have become - I am so ashamed.

Actually the game is fun if you like arcade style race-from-the-cops games. The early cops are dumb and you could outrun them on foot, but later in the game, in come the state troopers, helicopters and trucks made to ram you off the road. Oh, and the unmarked cars and corvette units are just plain nasty.

I’m afraid my little Cobalt SS wouldn’t stand a chance there. So the key is to win races and money and move up the cops most wanted list to unlock better cars and car upgrades.

Once I have a fully upgraded Mustang GT - well, look out.

And one fun feature is a destructible environment. You can knock down signs, crash through fences, even take a spin across the golf course - all while cops are in hot pursuit. There are several structures that can be used to stop or disable cop cars too.

Let's see - you can knock out the water tower’s support legs and have it come crashing down. There is a giant donut (ala the Simpsons) you can knock down too and if you are feeling really evil you can crash through the gas station's pumps and blow the whole thing sky high . . .

Er, you see what eating too much meat does to you kids.

Stop it, stop it while you still have the chance.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

all the world's a phage

Geez, have I been gone that long?

No, I meant from here, not mentally – that one is a given.

Seems like only yesterday I wrote a blog – must be the Mobius Strip I fell into three days from now.

So I was wondering how to rekindle the excitement in my life and hence make this piece of cyberspace not cyberwaste, what with such a soul-sucking mind-crushing job.

On the distant horizon looms the career change – pretty cool, but seems years away yet.

In the near future looms a change of vehicular transportation – fun deciding what to get.

In the present looms DVD purchases of shows I like. – adds some excitement to the non-work time.

In the past loomed good health and a flat stomach – er, not much to say about that one.

Once I cast off the old chains and put on the new silk shirt (good for pulling out those arrows) I will be blogging much more because there will be something I really like to yammer on about to yammer on about.

The writing updates here turn into – gee, look what I did or didn’t get written this week.

B-O-R-I-N-G for me and B-O-R-I-N-G for you.

Reader’s Den at least has a purpose. It’s a non-commercial review site for the stuff I read or watch – may come in handy for those thinking of a book or movie to see.

Of course, I may only be suffering from “relative” overexposure at the moment.

I love them and all, but well – I know I’m just whining.

Well, seems as though I should be getting something done – so I’ll get to it – whatever it is.

One last thing though. On the way home last night a girl was driving a Honda SUV in front of me. The weather was perfectly clear, no real traffic to speak of. She and I were making a left turn at the lights. She was in front of me. For whatever bizarre reason, she made the left turn and drove directly into the light standard in the middle of the lanes. I was dumfounded. I felt sorry for her. She hit it so hard she destroyed the fender and punctured the radiator, which promptly gushed coolant all over the road. Maybe the steering broke? Maybe a bee stung her? I will never know. It was pretty strange though.

Okay, enough.

Please move along.

Monday, April 16, 2007

ABCD EFG HIJK ah screw it

Once again the bell tolls,

Which means absolutely nothing to this post.

Ramble – to spew on about nothing, gibber, cast about opinions like Mr. twisters . . .

Have you ever heard this one?

How can you learn if you never make any mistakes . . .

Well, if you never make any mistakes then obviously you have nothing left to learn. Of course Kirk would argue Spock's logic on that one.

And so the wheel turns once more crushing those unfortunate enough to be beneath.

Where was I?

I wonder sometimes if Blogger is pissed at me for using a Yahoo account. Meh.

So the rats got a new “HUGE” cage this weekend and appear to be very happy about it. It’s a three story funhouse where our two boys can frolic and do rat things.

We stocked it with a chewable tube, wine box and another box made from packing material – plus a huge hammock built from the pant leg of my old jeans.

Spoiled rotten – but why not.

Been “not writing” the last week. Sort of a nice break actually.

Will be back at it sometime mid-May.

Until then I’m spending time doing whatever I feel like.

And calculating in my head the move to hyperspace, er, new career coming in the following years (which will no doubt fly by).

Until next Monday when I tell you about how I didn’t write again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

strange days ahead

The light at the end of the tunnel, though turned off for indefinite maintenance, is still in place and functional - waiting for the switch.

I recall mentioning that my “imminent” career change was finished, as in not going to happen due to various circumstances.

Well, it would appear as though I spoke (or wrote) too soon.

You see, plans are in place to make it a go despite possible catastrophic backlashes. Okay, I just wanted to use the words “catastrophic” and “backlashes” in the same sentence.

And I did it twice, which is probably once too many.

So, you ask, when is this momentous occasion going to occur?

Um, er, well . . .

. . . there is this irritating little thing called a mortgage, it is sort of like a parasite - leaching away earnings almost faster than I can make them.

Well, that particular black hole will implode upon itself in the year 2013 - I have this from a good source - Dr. Wassupubut who has carefully inspected the situation and, I may add, is not generally full of crap.

So, that said, looks like 2013 will be the absolute deadline for the switch. The more I think about it, the cooler the idea becomes. I actually think my health will improve once I escape my current “sit-in-a-cubicle-until-I-am-mentally-and-physically-crippled” job.

And I swore I would never go back to school . . .

Of course, I also swore I would never weigh more than 180 pounds or get married or have children . . .

Oh, and why the blog today?

Well, with my “big project” on hold until the storm blows by, my writing itch is getting scratched here . . .

Who knows, I may even spew once a day all week - really screw this blog over.

More snippets to come this week.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi 8 Us

Oh, darn.

Missed posting on Monday again.

But it was a Holiday - so what can ya do?

The Easter rabbit showed up again this year hid a ton of chocolate which the little one promptly found (starting at 5:30 AM) after following many clues on pieces of paper - I can feel my belly growing larger as I write this.

Why, oh why rabbit? Why not some carrots instead?

Keep that in mind for next year will you?

I’m enjoying my little “calm before the” relative invas . . ., er, visit. Okay, I’m obsessing a bit about it, but you just don’t know what it’s like.

Every. Single. Day. We. Must. Visit.

I have a life too and a full-time day job.

But do they understand . . .

. . . That would be a BIG NO. Oh, and please eat up your three kilograms of ham, and don’t forget to finish the twelve cabbage rolls too, and save room for the pie and ice cream and . . .

Somebody just kill me with a rusty saw - it will be much less painful.

Oh, I do love them, but still . . .

I’m going to need to go to a Science Fiction convention to escape my reality after this. I may even need to go in costume - maybe One Ton or The Blob?

And yes, the novel is fully planned, but waiting until Hurricane “Relation” passes and the mess is cleaned up.

And speaking of mess clean-up, I spent a bunch of time yesterday cleaning up my lair. It is an impossible task I know, but I did manage to clear off two of the four tables and I found a buried half-finished Babylon 5 Station model.

No, really.

Now that I blew the dust off of it, I will need to finish it. I think I started it when I was twelve . . .

Well, must get ready for the my daily grind so that’s it from me for another whole week.

I know, typing to the void.

Until next Monday (or Tuesday, or . . .)

Keep writing, reading and doing the laundry - I mean just give your bed sheets a sniff.

See, I told you.

Monday, April 02, 2007

mighty distractions and aliments

Yeah, after hiding out for a two weeks it’s about time I coughed up a post isn’t it?

*cough cough*

Well, a couple of weeks ago I started writing my first draft by using old drafts which didn’t really fit well with my new plans . . .

. . . and it ended in ruination.

I spent about one week trying to force the three chapters I had started (long ago) into some kind of shape it was not meant to take and realized after all that effort, I was going to just have to start all over again anyhow.

So that is what I had planned to do . . .

. . . but some things which are meant to stay hidden . . . er, um . . .

Let me just say it was the plague come to call. Our little one got a soar throat and fever and didn’t get much sleep - and neither did I. She was cultivating a lovely bacteria in her throat.

All that getting up at 5:00 AM when I’ve already been up at 2 and 3 and 4 began to wear me down and I found making the effort to write on top of this household crisis was just too much.

So I foundered and spent most of the last week catching up on sleep instead of cranking out first drafts.

You knew this was coming didn’t you?

And, to not let a good thing get away, I finally went to see the doctor about something which has been bothering me for more than two months now - and it was not what I thought it might be.

I’ll know more after this week when I get my ultrasound (no I’m not pregnant - I think) and then over the next couple of weeks once my doctor has had time to review the data.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t distraction enough, my folks are coming down for two and half million . . . , um, weeks to visit coinciding with the little one’s birthday. Oh and the Easter bunny comes this weekend too . . .

I’m in a bit of a mental and physical mess right now.

And the car is off lease in three weeks when I will then need to jump through fiery hoops while juggling axes bouncing one footed on a rubber beach ball to get the discounts my company says I’m entitled to (forms, calls, forms, blood samples, more calls, verification numbers, forms) . . .

You would actually think they make it so damn hard to buy the car that they want you to get frustrated and go buy a Honda or Toyota instead.

So, what does all this ongoing and impending crap have to do with my writing plans? Screwed them over royally.

Suffice it to say that I won’t be rising at 5:00 to crank away this month - too much on the mind and in the body going on to tackle the first draft.

It is going to have to wait until all things settle down in May.

I will also try to make Monday’s happen for sure, even if it is to say “urp” or something.

Until then,

Keep writing - somebody has to pick up the slack.

Monday, March 19, 2007

you feel a draft in here?

I don’t.

Not quite anyhow.

You see, I was supposed to start “THE FIRST DRAFT” this morning,

But . . .

. . . the smallest human member of our family has been suffering the dreaded “Horkus Upallanitus” and sleep is something I haven’t gotten much of the last two days.

So, I slept in this morning to try to catch up.

Which means, if the little one sleeps well tonight (let me hope) I will be springing into first draft mode tomorrow AM.

Wish me luck – or better yet, a good night’s sleep this eve.

Now, I think I should set myself a page number writing goal and refuse to leave my lair for work until it is done.

I’m “thinking” three pages per morning is appropriate.

“Doing” may be another matter – but I will try.

So, by my own measures, I should have a full 15 pages plus by next week’s update.

My hands suddenly got clammy, and my breath is coming is small short gasps . . .

For those who have written a first draft you will understand that trepidation. First drafts are perhaps the hardest mental (and sometimes physical) tortures man (or woman) can inflict on themselves short of mind melding with and insane Vulcan or a bullet to the brainpan.

This, is not suggested nor endorsed by this site.

Well, I feel your mouse-finger twitching to change the channel.

Happy surfing – and tune in next week when I either,

A) heap loads of excuses upon you for not meeting my goals or,

B) heap loads of excuses upon you for not . . . oh, already did that.

Just tune in next week – if you like.

Keep writing, and agonizing, and . . .

I’ll just shut up now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

mining the net


Monday already.

I’ve spent the past week on the internet . . .

. . . but not goofing around – actually doing research for my novel.

I know, probably not the best place, but it is going to be a Science–FICTION, so artistic license on what I uncover should be allowed to some extent. And some of what I am going to write about is, well, not hard science anyhow but an extrapolation of quasi-physics. If I screw it up badly I don’t think anyone will be able to point a finger and say – that won’t work, because, well, nobody knows for sure.

So all that surfing the past week means I have almost concluded the research bit - and now need to concentrate more on character interactions and motives. For me, I think this is the hardest part. I'm not that good with people - really.

So, this week will be taken up doing just that. And, when that is done, I’m going to set up a character chapter interaction chart so I know who meets whom when, etc – a handy tool to let you know if your main characters are showing up more/less and if they are driving the story forward or not.

I do hope all this planning will make the writing process (hoping to start next week) a whole lot easier.

And I have chapter outlines – but have kept them as outlines because I know from history, once the first draft starts to spew forth the best laid plans mutate - to say the least.

On a side note our reading/writing group met on Saturday and had a very good night of it. Only one regular member was absent (visiting mommy for home cooking – jealous) so we had a lot of material and a lot of fun.

If you write I would highly suggest finding a reading/writing group to attend.

Well, I best get back at it.

Until next Monday.

Monday, March 05, 2007

arse in chair

Well then,

Another Monday review of the vast and prolific writing life . . .

. . . in my mind.

Well, in my mind right now of course - but fairly soon to transfer to the page and then the published form.

I had a pretty productive week actually. Much more planning was accomplished and I did not give in to evil urges and turn on the infernal desktop machine during writing time at all. I have forgotten just how productive I can be on my old laptop.

I’ve resorted to using my MP3 player though, which I must confess, is inferior to my desktop’s array of 200 hours or more of music. Still, can’t touch it during writing time so that is that then.

Oh I could transfer the music over to my laptop, but that would need to be done another time - time I don’t really seem to have endless quantities of.

So, for now it’s the MP3 which fills my ears with tunes.

As to the project itself, I am making quick headway and believe that I should be starting the actual writing process by April.

Well, as I mentioned, time is short so I’ll leave off here.

I do have a ton of internet searching to do on technical stuff so I can infuse it into my tale without sounding like I’m completely making it all up.

Until next Monday when I have even more information on my writing project . . .

So, keep writing, reading and doing that math thing – if you are so inclined.

Monday, February 26, 2007

laptop temptations and blue crayons

Much has occurred since my last post in my myopic world of writing.

The plan is still intact – science fiction novel looking to be about 16 to 18 chapters with the first draft complete by year’s end.

I’m still getting up every weekday morning at 5:15 AM, which allows me a good hour or more of writing before work.

So what has changed?

Well, I am not using my desktop computer anymore. It is off limits during my writing time.

I have reverted back to my old laptop. Windows 98SE, WordPerfect version 7, and absolutely no games – they have all been purged.

Oh, and internet access is not even an option on the beast.

How is it going?

Well, with a sample size of one day, I can say it is a complete success.

Punishment for non-compliance?

Shaving my head bald and painting it blue . . .

. . . or not. Actually I have a modest budget each week to spend on books, DVDs, and blue crayons.

If I even so much as turn on my desktop computer during writing time – the weekly budget is gone!

No kidding. Now, this takes a whole bunch of self-control - self-control which was obviously not there when I was using my desktop computer for writing.

The temptation to log in and just check my email, update Windows, play a game, etc – was too damn great.

So, I’m trying this new plan on for size. I have pretty good willpower when I make up my mind to do something.


Bonus number 1 – if the power goes out before I have saved (it has happened before) I won’t lose anything.

Bonus number 2 – I’m back to using my ergonomic keyboard which I like way more than my flat one.

So, when I get this book published I can have a good laugh about using outdated technology to do it on.

And if the laptop route fails me – I will go to graph paper and pencil (my method from eons ago) . . .

. . . and not my idea of fun. The idea of reverting back to paper and pencil, I think, is enough to keep me on this plan.

Until next week when you will know if I did unspeakable things to the pooch,

or behaved and chose the right fork in the road.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Only 44 Percent Left

Now I don’t want to sound all moribund and whatnot – but according to my calculations I’ve got about 44 percent of this life left.

Which means so far 56 percent of it is spent.

What does it all mean?

As I sit down each morning to write I need something to remind me that screwing about is quickly becoming a non-option - If I want to actually be a published writer that is.

But perhaps I need to define “published writer” a little more since I already am one technically.

I have three short stories published already and about seventy rejections letters.

Not very much - but still enough to qualify as a working published writer.

What I need is to change a few things in my life so that I can focus much more on the actual production of works (my new novel for instance) and less goofing around.

Goofing around for me is messing with my damn computer. Like getting updates, then having programs crash so I have to reinstall them or go back to a previous version of Windows XP, etc, etc.

Waste of my time.

I know I’ve threatened this in the past, but I really think next computer is going to be a Mac. Yup, I’ve about had it with Windows. I know – there are other operating systems. But I don’t have time to screw with them.


It is all about time and what to do with the time we have.

Which brings me to computer games. I really like them, but spend too much time playing them.

I need to stop and concentrate more on the writing.

Yeah, this means more researching, reading and writing.

Wish me luck.

In a few months, according to my calculations, I’ll only have 42.7 percent left.

And I’m pretty sure it will go by fast.

Now, back to my novel.

Until next week.

Keep writing and dreaming and doing.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

five fevered nights


here I am again.

It would appear as though my poor body went through an extreme period of global warming - like 102 degrees for five days over the entire surface of my world.

Yes, I truly am a fevered writer.

But I live.

And no, I did not get the flu shot.

And yes, I was off work for a whole week.


As for writing - well, I have been planning and plotting and plodding along quite nicely.

The major framework for my “new work” is in place.

The players are assembling on the stage.

The fan is being fired up.

I’m pretty excited about it - and now that I have fully recovered from my episode of the “East Tygris reptile flu”, I can get back into writing each morning in full participation mode.

And I was supposed to embark on an entirely new career this year . . .

Well, that fell through.

Not enough coin in the coffers to pull it off.

Also, not enough hours in the day, ambition in my bones . . . (pick any other)

So, I am left with only my “big project” this year.

Which will have to do. It is a tonne of work, as any writer will know.

Oh, did I mention it will be a novel not a script or puppet show or cartoon?

Just to clarify.

And I do want to get it sold and published when I finish it.

The trick is to finish it and get it published before 80 months have passed.

Yes, 80 months is the countdown to writer from slave.

Cheer for me.

Actually, my ultimate plan is to have the first draft complete by year’s end.

This year’s end.

Then spend next year on rewrites and the next “bigger project.”

I will try to stay away from viruses the rest of this year.

Oh, and I did manage to bounce on my trampoline the entire month of January.

I deserve a cookie.

Until next week.

Keep the words flowing.