Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have no hands, and I must touch

With the completion of my Star Trek novel posts here at Twisted Mind, I find myself slipping into a bit of a writing coma.

Yeah, a coma not a (,)

I think I’ve been working so hard this year to “get-stuff-done”, and not just the writing but home a hearth thingies too, that my mind and body have already booked off for the rest of this year, leaving the rest of me (that burnt little bit in the corner) to carry on in its stead.

And it’s a tough go. Burnt little bits of matter don’t do a whole lot. Just go look in the bottom of your toaster and watch one for a while, and you will see . . .

I feel like just crawling under something and sleeping, undisturbed, for about six weeks.

But, where would be the fun in that?

So, instead, the burnt little bit of myself that is in charge has been checking out all the great board games that have been coming out lately, or will be coming out soon. You see, no TV = spend more time with others playing board games.

And no work for three weeks = time to play board games.

Yes, real interaction with other living breathing human beings. Novel, I know.

What I really want to get is the expansion for Twilight Imperium 3. Ooh, it looks good. Pumps the game from a max of 6 players to 8 and tweaks the rules for a better game.

Then there is Arkham Horror and of its expansions, which I am happy to say a friend already owns, so that craving (or is it raving) can be satisfied several times a year.

Yes, just about any Fantasy Flight Game rules!

Then there are the old standbys we have at home, like Clue, Battleships, Dominos and Crib. All fun when those days-without-work come along and the whole family is home.

So burnt little bitty self may be having to carry a big load for the next few weeks, but it’s going to have fun doing it.

And did I mention War of the Ring?

I do love board games - huge epic board games.

Now, I’m going to go roll under the toaster and join my kin . . .

. . . for I have no hands, and I must touch.

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