Sunday, December 03, 2006

the bipolar express

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good dose of CGI in my movies and computer games.

Just take the Lord of the Rings movies or Doom 3 as examples and I am there - loving it.

But, some CGI disturbs me at a deep psychological level. A level from which my mind may never recover.

Case in point = “The Polar Express”.

Okay, call me slow (this came out like last year?) but I finally got around to watching this last night with the family.

And, um, “CREEP-SHOW” anyone?

I kept looking over at my wife and daughter the whole time. I even asked them, more than once, “um, is this movie creeping you out?”

My daughter informed me that she was not affected. But I and my wife were both getting the hebbie-jobbies watching the “people“ walking and talking and acting in a not-quite-right way.

Though the CGI is very, very good, it is just not “right” and it causes my sensory receptors to argue with my brain stem processors and this leads, literally, to madness - and blog posts . . .

I will forever refer to this movie as “The BiPolar Express”.

There is something deeply disturbing (to me) with having CGI human characters moving and acting “almost” correctly, to the point where my external visual processors are calmly relaying the “it’s real” message, while my inner mind is screaming “something is drastically wrong here - Run, run for your life!”

Now long shots of CGI people (Lord of the Rings or Titanic come to mind) don’t seem to phase me, it’s those close up facial or full body human being shots that disturb me to the core.

Does this kind of CGI bother anybody else?

Or am I alone in the dark on this one?

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